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Our female photographers know exactly how to get the best of you at Johanna Elizabeth in Havant! You are in safe hands as we have a repertoire of boudoir poses that will help you show your beauty and sass in your portraits. We look back at our top 5 boudoir poses demonstrated by our past Boudoir Beauties that shows no matter who you are, you will sizzle in the boudoir with these poses!

boudoir poses

This is a favourite boudoir pose of Rare Moments! It’s a pose that stretches your body and highlights your curves. Plus, everyone’s legs look amazing in this pose. Stunning!

boudoir poses

This pose will definitely make you smoulder in the boudoir! It focuses on your face, your cleavage and curves. In this photo our boudoir beauty spiced it up with adding a rope as a prop, which added extra sex appeal.


Using the dressing table is a fun way to take a stunning shot. You can have even more control over your pose and the mirror gives added glamour, as it frames you in the portrait.

Here is another one our boudoir beauties showing off her beautiful body! With the light shining through the window combined with her leg propped up, this is a great pose that illuminates your silhouette. Another detail what we love in this image is her chosen prop—the telephone! It’s nice touch that injects personality into your pose.

improve your confidence

This portrait demonstrates the three “s” words: Sexy, Sultry and Seductive. This is one of the ultimate poses that shows off your legs. Beautiful!

This was a hard list to make as there plenty of incredible poses to choose from! However, you can always discuss in your pre-session chat if there are any boudoir poses you would like to try. We’ll guide you on exactly the type of poses that will suit your photoshoot theme and will show you off!

If you have any questions or would like to know more about our boudoir photoshoots, please get in touch or you can drop in and have a chat with us at Johanna Elizabethin Havant.

Love from,

Jo x

Are there any poses on our website you think we have missed out? Let us know in the comments!

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