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Are you thinking about how to out-do last year’s Valentines gift? We know exactly how you can leave your partner speechless. This year, Johanna Elizabeth in Havant are inviting you to come and try out a 50 Shades of Boudoir themed photoshoot!

This February, 50 Shades Darker, the second instalment of the 50 Shades of Grey franchise will be released, which inspired us to offer a photoshoot for those who want to surprise the Christian (or Christine) Grey in their life. This will be a great opportunity for you, especially if you are looking to spice things up in your relationship. Imagine your partner’s reaction once they have those portraits of you, showing your fiery and dominant side in our 50 Shades of boudoir experience. Not only will it give you an opportunity to be sexy, but it will also be a lot of fun.

As with all of our boudoir shoots, you will be invited to a pre-consultation so you can decide how you want your 50 Shades of Grey photoshoot to be—this experience definitely gives you the opportunity to have fun with your props and costume changes. If you have any questions about your boudoir shoot, our pre-consultation gives you the opportunity to smooth over any photoshoot nerves and we can give you tips on the best boudoir poses.

On the day, you will be pampered by our professional make-up artists, who will create your desired hair and make-up for the shoot, so you will look and feel amazing. You may even want to plan a night out afterwards!

As much as this is a Valentine treat for your partner, a boudoir experience should always, primarily be a treat for you. There aren’t many opportunities in life where you can show just how gorgeous and beautiful you are, but boudoir is an experience that makes sure the spotlight is solely on you—as you are so worth it.

This Valentine’s Day, embrace the leather and the lace and take control of the Johanna Elizabeth boudoir. For more information, you can pop round to the Johanna Elizabeth Studio in Havant or you can drop us a message on Facebook.

Love from,
Jo ~x~

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