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Some of you may be familiar with a very special VIP client of mine, from previous blogs, Mikala.

Mikala is currently in strict isolation, so I’m overjoyed I was able to share these with her this week – we found a way, with the power of zoom!

Ever since I met Mikala, knowing that she was on such a journey of ‘existing in photos’ after such a heroic battle with life, I’ve wanted to create portraits of her with her son Ashley.

I spoke about it on her first reveal session, after we’d managed to create her first photos to ever exist of her.

Finally, we managed to get this session created. I hired a studio near her home (wheelchair access is a problem at our place) and we made it happen.

Thank you Mikala, what an honour.

In Mikala’s words…

“Me and Jo had talked about doing some family photos for me and Ashley because as a single parent I was always the one behind the camera taking the photos. We had thought it would be in a couple of years but circumstances had changed for me.

I have become very ill with a condition that means if the treatment doesn’t work I may not be here by next year.
So all of a sudden having photos together became important, not just for us now, but for Ashley if I don’t get well. I wanted him to have photos of us together reminding him of how much I loved him and giving him a way of connecting with me if I’m not here.

Jo was so great, helping to organise it as soon as she could, coming close to me so I didn’t have the travel and had a more suitable environment for my wheelchair. She made us both feel relaxed and even got a teenager engage with the process and have a laugh, which if you have a teenager you know it’s not easy.

I decided to go for the full package and the photos are just great, I sat and cried watching the showreel on my own knowing just how special these photos are.

I can’t thank Jo enough for what she did. She didn’t just take photos, she captured moments. She didn’t just create a photo album, she showed light on love and family.

Ultimately she gave us a gift the will help with the tough times ahead. For a moment she helped us forget what was going on and gave us a break that was filled with laughter and fun.

I would encourage anyone thinking of doing family photos to do it. Don’t waste precious time thinking about it because you never know what tomorrow holds.

Take the chances while you can and value them for the gifts that they are.

Jo is exceptional at what she does and gives people such golden times that can never be erased, she captures them in timeless photos.

Jo will give you nothing but the best and she pulls that out of you, even if you can’t see it, she can. So take those photos, and create your timeless moments.”


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