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I’ve been really stressed this year, it’s a been a year of ups and downs.
On occasions, Santa has said I’ve been a naughty elf.
To be honest, it’s got me down a bit and my elf-esteem has been knocked a bit.

Last week, after a particularly busy night causing mischief, I was overtired and snapped.

I thought ‘that’s enough, something HAS to change’.

I needed to turn over a new leaf and get back to the old me, find myself again.

I’d seen some interesting portraits the mum of my home had on her wall and listened to her telling her best friend Mary how she felt proud and loved herself again.

How could I get the same feeling? I googled the team at Johanna Elizabeth and booked straight away! I thought they’d be a bit ‘elfist’ but they weren’t. They were excited and made me feel like a millon dollars!

Wow…what a day.
A makeover with tickly brushes…

Then, boy was I put through my paces!

I felt…beautiful!

So much joy…

You can say, I definitely unleashed my inner elf…

I couldn’t stop smiling!

I felt SO elegant…

I started to think, ‘I can’t wait for the other elves to see these!’

As the shoot was coming to the end, Jo suggested we make the most of my new confidence and push the boundaries. I’m not used to that! I threw caution to the wind.
Bodyscape shots sounded really beautiful, but I’d need to be brave!

It was over! I’ve never had so much fun, I felt invincible!

So, today was my reveal session, it was so exciting, although I felt a little sick with nerves…

I needn’t have worried. Wow!

I DID need a mug of rum & coke though…

Finally, I can see me again, the elf I’d long forgotten.

I’m here, I’m proud and very, very happy!
Thankyou Johanna Elizabeth.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Figgy Twinklebuns.


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