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Our last instalment of the year where we highlight the stories of the women who have joined Johanna Elizabeth in Hampshire as a means to reclaim their body and confidence.

Meet Allison Garrett, who wanted to do boudoir photoshoot as she felt she had lost connection with herself after a difficult time and wanted to feel sexy again. It’s safe to say she blew her boudoir session out of the water and her portraits are absolutely stunning.

Let’s hear Allison’s boudoir story…

photography in hampshire

“Hello to all the lovely ladies at Johanna Elizabeth!
“Firstly, I’d just like to say a humongous thank you to everyone who looked after me. From the first knee knocking consultation to the last knee knocking reveal.
“For me, it was quite an emotional journey. I went through weeks of feeling, “I so want to do this” and “Is this too selfish-should I spend this amount on just me?” to “I can’t do this-I’m not brave enough!”

“My role is a wife, mother, step mother and part time employee. The last five years I have been caring for my beautiful daughter, who unfortunately has become disabled through a neurological condition. Time surely couldn’t allow me to do this. I felt guilty to put myself first, as my priority is as a Mum and every Mother feels their duty to provide care and look after your family.

“We are the glue that holds it all together. Just when I thought my daughter was flying the nest, well-educated, a job, driving her own car, gaining confidence—then bang—it all changed and it seemed we were back starting all over again. Absolutely heart-breaking.
It affects the whole family and friends, but you go into some sort of mode and just get on with it.

“Somewhere along the line I must have lost myself. I became someone who was relied upon enormously; guaranteed to be there for love and support. I also have to try and remember to be a wife, step mum and put on a happy face for work. Smile on the outside. Lonely inside. I feel constantly tired, unsexy, old when I look in the mirror.

“But hey! You’ve all given me such a Big Boost. I DID IT!

photography in hampshire
“I was so overwhelmed with the whole experience. I absolutely love the photos. It’s really ME. I can’t believe it. My husband was gobsmacked. In a good way (he had watery eyes). He loves them so much. You were right, Jo! I didn’t wait until Christmas! I can’t stop looking at them.

“If I have a bad day, I’m going to get them out and remind myself that I am brave, important, sexy and loved.
“Thank you so much. Again and again.
Biggest hugs to you all,
Allison Garrett”

Thank you so much for sharing, Allison! You look phenomenal in your boudoir portraits and we wish you and your family all the best.

And a final thank you to all of our other boudoir and portrait beauties who have shared their brave stories with us this year. It has been a pleasure to photograph you all and share your inspiring journeys.

Like Allison, are you needing a well-deserved boost? Don’t feel selfish by spending “me time”—you are only human and it’s important to look after yourself.

We want you to love yourself and champion your image. If you are interested in starting your boudoir journey, please get in contact with Johanna Elizabeth in Hampshire today, where we can have a chat and start planning your stunning boudoir photoshoot.

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