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One thing we love at Johanna Elizabeth in Hampshire is sharing in the delight at the photo reveal sessions. Recently, Amy visited us to collect her artwork from our boudoir photography studio and she was totally bowled over!

Amy’s boudoir photography experience

Johanna Elizabeth

Amy’s story…

“I have suffered with Ptosis in my right eye for 13 years following a head injury.

Even though I had more surgery last year to finally make the last alteration to my eye, the damaged to my confidence is pretty much beyond repair. My next step to help me see myself as having two open eyes would have been counselling which may or may not have helped.

On Valentines Day, Johanna Elizabeth ran a competition to win a boudoir shoot and I happened to be one of the lucky winners!

A week or so later, I was nervously getting ready for my shoot. I say nervous…I was petrified and excited at the same time.

My hair and makeup were done perfectly (making me feel like a rock star) and I was introduced to Adam the photographer. Immediately I felt at ease. He explained how everything would work and told me exactly how to stand and hold myself. I didn’t feel nervous or self conscious like I expected to.

The shoot itself was an easy confidence boost and I left with a huge smile on my face. I would even recommend just buying the shoot as you still leave feeling like a goddess.

A few days later, I went to my viewing and I am still in shock at the photos…..they are amazing.
I can’t believe someone has managed to make me look so good. And most importantly are my eyes. I cried when I first looked at the photos.

Beautiful photos!

The images the photographer captured are just beautiful. The use of props and lighting made the pictures hard to choose between.

The best thing about the shoot was that it captures you in a way you would never normally be. You wouldn’t generally pose in underwear so it’s something completely different.

I cannot stress how much I recommend Johanna Elizabeth! Not only do I have some perfect images to keep, they have also given me the gift of seeing myself with two beautiful eyes.”

Johanna Elizabeth

Thank you, Amy!

Thank you for sharing with us, Amy!

If you’re interested in booking yourself a photography shoot, drop us a line or find us at our boudoir photography studio in Havant!


3 thoughts on “Amy in our Boudoir Photography Studio!

  1. Amy looks absolutely stunning – she should definitely be proud of the images that have been captured – gorgeous x

  2. Carey – Wow! Between the make-up, the perfect choice of background and this stunning model I can’t say anything but wow. Wonderful work Kat and the girls!

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