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A question we are often asked by ladies considering a boudoir photoshoot with us, is whether their boudoir photos will be safe.
When you choose us as your boudoir photographer, the answer to this question is 100%, YES!

In this article, we’re revealing how we protect your privacy and keep your boudoir photos safe. Plus, we’re sharing tips on how to ensure you have a safe boudoir experience whomever you choose as your boudoir photographer.

You deserve a discrete boudoir experience

Let us be clear. You deserve a professional, discrete and safe boudoir experience. Over and above everything else, your safety should be your boudoir photographer’s number one priority!

You’ll be entrusting your boudoir photographer to photograph you in the nude or semi-nude, so it’s essential that you are safe and that your privacy is protected at all times.

Boudoir photos by Johanna Elizabeth

When you join me and my team at our Hampshire-based studio for a boudoir portrait session, discretion is everything.

We realise you put a lot of trust in us when you choose us. We don’t take that trust for granted! The information you share with us and the boudoir photos we create for you are 100% safe.

We do everything we can to safeguard your privacy and ensure your complete comfort. Do not choose a photographer who cannot promise the same!

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How to ensure a safe boudoir photography experience

Here are some tips on how to ensure you have a safe boudoir photography experience:

  1. Choose a photographer you trust and ideally a boudoir specialist

You should always choose a photographer who is experienced and who can prove that they have photographed women in the style of boudoir that you like.

Boudoir photography styles vary from photographer to photographer. So, take some time looking at the galleries on photographers’ websites and be picky about who you choose!

Signed boudoir portrait by Johanna Elizabeth

In terms of experience, as specialists in boudoir ourselves, day-in-day-out we are photographing women in our signature boudoir style. We’ve photographed well over 6000 women to date!

You can view hundreds of 5-star reviews on our boudoir Facebook page that testify to the quality of our work and the experience we offer.

  1. Meet one of the team in advance of the photoshoot

To ensure you have a safe boudoir experience, ideally, you would meet one of us before your shoot.

Thank you cards

When you book with us, you’ll get to meet one of the team in advance.
This will usually be the lovely Ange!
We will invite you into the studio for an in-person Design Consultation (or Zoom if it suits you better) during which we’ll discuss your hopes for your session, answer any queries you have and help you decide on your clothing, lingerie and styling.

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Meeting ahead of the photoshoot like this is a great way to kick-start your journey with us.
In the meantime, you can ‘virtually’ meet us here!

The design consultation is an essential part of the process, and it provides an opportunity to also get to know each other better.

  1. Visit the photography studio so you know what to expect

We also would advise you to visit the place where you will be photographed well in advance of your shoot so there are no surprises on the day.

We are always delighted to show clients around the studio! We’re proud of where we work. It’s a beautiful and safe place for you to enjoy an empowering boudoir experience with us.

For those of you travelling across the country, an actual visit might not be that easy, so the zoom meeting and studio tour on our website will give you loads of information and reassurance!

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Woman lying near large window

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An important thing for you to realise is that our studio itself is upstairs on the top floor, and we are not overlooked so you will have complete privacy, even when you pose near our incredible window feature, as this also has mirror film fitted!

You’ll also find that our studio is secured after you arrive for your session. You, and the all-female team are the only people in the building, so you can always feel safe.

  1. Ask about how your boudoir photos will be stored

After your photoshoot, your portraits will be filed and stored. It’s important that you know how your chosen photographer ensures that your boudoir photos are safe.

At Johanna Elizabeth, we lock away your portraits on multiple encrypted servers (not in the cloud), and they are stored by number rather than by name.

Woman in black lingerie and heels at end of the bed

  1. Photo sharing: You are in control at all times

Your boudoir photos may well be intended for your eyes only, so it’s important that you discuss the issue of photo sharing with your chosen boudoir photographer.

Please be assured that we only show our clients’ photos when they have given us their written consent to share. If you would prefer for your photos to be kept private, then that is absolutely fine.

We are used to working with professionals whose portraits must never be seen in the public domain.

We do greatly appreciate the opportunity to share our work on our website, on social media and in our marketing so other women can see what we can create. That said, you are in full control of whether we share your boudoir photos or not.

We only ever share images that we have your written or signed permission to share.

Is boudoir photography safe?

Due to the nature of boudoir photography, it’s incredibly important that you discuss the issue of privacy and safety with any boudoir photographer you are considering working with.

Before you book, ask your photographer all the questions you may have about the process. Only go ahead with the photoshoot if you feel completely comfortable.

Their answers should reassure you about the service they will provide and confirm that your boudoir photos will be in safe hands.

Smiling blonde woman in white lingerie

Your boudoir photos are safe with us!

A boudoir photography session is a private, intimate experience. Here at Johanna Elizabeth, your privacy and safety are paramount.

We hope that this article has reassured you of our complete commitment to serving and protecting you, but should you have questions about boudoir photography, please don’t hesitate to contact the team.

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Love Johanna, Ange & Evie


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