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If you’re considering a boudoir portrait session, we recommend that you spend time researching the options and draw up a list of questions to ask your boudoir photographer before you book.

Before booking, you should:

  • feel happy with their answers to your questions,
  • reassured that they’re going to look after you,
  • and, confident that they’ll create the type of images that you want.

You’ll also need to feel 100% comfortable with the idea of wearing little or no clothing in front of them and their camera!

Blonde lady lying on the floor near a window during a boudoir photoshoot

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To help you decide who to choose, here are some questions to ask your boudoir photographer before you book:

Questions to ask your boudoir photographer before booking

  1. Are they experienced in boudoir photography?

We would highly recommend that you only work with a photographer who specialises in boudoir photography, and who can demonstrate that they have created an extensive portfolio of images. There are a lot of wannabe professional photographers out there, and people who don’t necessarily have their clients’ best interests at heart!

We’ve spent the past decade creating life-changing portrait photography for women and have worked with thousands of women during that time. We have photographed all body types and ages, and welcome you to view examples of our boudoir portraits on our website.

You can also view countless glowing customer reviews on our Boudoir Facebook page.

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Naked woman with dark hair sitting near a bed

  1. What kind of images can you expect?

Boudoir photographers vary greatly in their approach and style, and selecting one is a highly personal decision.

You’ll want to love the style of boudoir photography they display on their website, as this going to be indicative of the style of boudoir portraits that they will likely create for you.

If you’ve not found a boudoir photoshoot whose style you love, then keep looking!

What you should not do is choose a photographer and then expect them to change their style to create something you’ve seen online elsewhere. You’ll get the best out of your boudoir photographer if you trust in their ability and allow them the creative freedom to create portraits in their signature style.

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Woman wearing a blindfold during a boudoir photography portrait session

  1. How long will your boudoir experience last?

Boudoir photography is a luxury experience and so we don’t believe it’s something that should be rushed. You should feel welcomed, relaxed and taken care of by your boudoir photographer the entire time you are with them.

At Johanna Elizabeth, you get to enjoy three hours with us in our spacious boudoir photography studio, here in Havant, near Portsmouth. This is three hours of well-deserved ‘YOU’ time!

Experience tells us that this is long enough for you to ease comfortably into your shoot with pampering, makeup and hairstyling (and friendly chat with the JE team, of course!), and for us to capture plenty of gorgeous portraits of you! Also, it’s not too long that you get too tired of posing for our camera!

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Lady with long red hair with red heels during a boudoir portrait photoshoot

  1. Will the images be digitally enhanced?

Digital editing allows photographers to enhance your portraits. Typically, editing is done to remove any minor blemishes, stray hairs and any marks on your body that you wish to not have in the photos, as well as to balance colour and tone.

Again, it will be personal to the photographer how far they go with their photo editing. Before you book, you should clarify with your boudoir photographer how much editing they will do. It’s important for you to feel happy with the photographer’s editing style and the extent to which they alter the images.

You may feel strongly that you want your images to either not be edited or to be edited very slightly, or you may prefer to have your portraits edited more heavily. Knowing what to expect will avoid disappointment later on.

Smiling lady with white sheets during a professional boudoir portrait session

  1. What is the price of the boudoir photoshoot?

You must be aware of the level of investment required by your photographer before you commit to your boudoir photoshoot. You wouldn’t want to go ahead with the shoot and then come away without any images because they are out of your price range.

All photographers will structure their pricing differently. Some charge a session fee, others don’t. Most will require a deposit; you’ll need to know if that is refundable (and under what circumstances) and whether it comes off the final balance or not.

Also, the portraits of you may be sold individually, or you may be given a choice of packages which may include (or not include) photo products and wall art. There also may be a minimum spend level that you are required to invest.

Brown haired lady wearing lingerie during boudoir photoshoot

Here at Johanna Elizabeth, our ‘starting from’ prices are on the website, and we always talk our clients through our pricing during the pre-consultation appointment. This way, there is absolutely no room for misunderstanding.

Our simple, easy-to-understand pricing and guarantee of no hidden hosts mean that you can book your photoshoot with us in confidence.

Many of our clients choose to invest in wall art so that they can hang their portraits on the walls at home and enjoy their portraits every single day.

We are proud to offer a stunning range of framed and signed wall art portraits and are sure that our exciting new collections include everything that you’ll love!

Display your photoshoot images in a beautiful Reveal box

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Don’t be shy about asking your boudoir photographer questions before you book

Don’t hold back from asking questions before you book your boudoir shoot. A reputable boudoir photographer will be delighted to explain their process and allay any concerns you have.

Consider what questions you’d like to ask your boudoir photographer before you book so that you can be as prepared as possible.

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If you’re considering us as your boudoir photographer, we look forward to hearing from you very soon. Contact us with any questions you have. We’d be delighted to help!

Love JE & team

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