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Today we’ve revealing some exciting changes to our beauty and boudoir studio.

We’ve been busy working on not one but two new studio sets. We can’t wait to show you around when you visit us for your first (or next) boudoir or beauty portrait shoot!

For now, though, here’s an exclusive sneak peek and a quick insight into what you can now expect at our luxury photography studio here in Havant, Hampshire.

New in the beauty and boudoir studio

1 – An extended bedroom set

The first of the new changes to the beauty and boudoir studio is that we’ve extended our beautiful bedroom set.

This now gives us valuable extra space to work in and will allow us to create you even more of a variety of elegant bedroom-themed portraits.

We already had a luxury king size bed, complementary bed side tables, chaise lounge, and glimmering crystal chandelier. We’ve also now added a beautiful matching wardrobe and a floor-length mirror.

The new wardrobe and the mirror make the boudoir and beauty studio set look more complete than ever, and we’re confident you’ll love it!

The wardrobe also rather handily doubles up as a stylish way to store all our amazing high heels.

Did you know, you’re welcome to browse and borrow from our extensive shoe stash during your time with us?

Our rather covetable shoe collection is regularly being added to – we have a wide variety of styles, colours and sizes – so it’s well worth a look!

2 – New dressing table window

The second change in the beauty and boudoir studio is that our stylish mirrored dressing table – a regular favourite among our clients – has moved.

It now has its own dedicated floor-length window area.

The light near the window is absolutely beautiful and incredibly flattering.

Relocating the dressing table there ensures we can create stunning portraits flooded with natural light.

So, what do you think of our new boudoir studio setups?

These subtle additions, and the simple act of moving the furniture around, have given the studio space a new feel. They’ve also opened up new creative possibilities for your shoot!

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We hope that you’re excited about the new changes to the beauty and boudoir studio sets, and we look forward to giving you a tour of the studio in person very soon!

Contact us to enquire about our availability if you’ve yet to secure a date for your beauty and boudoir portrait session, or with any questions you may have. We’d love to hear from you.

Love Johanna, Ange & Evie




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