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Do you have a birthday coming up and are wondering how to celebrate in style? Perhaps you’re even approaching the start of a new decade so have an extra special birthday to plan for!

Well if so, keep reading as we have some cracking birthday boudoir inspiration for you!

Maybe your upcoming birthday is the perfect time to get that boudoir session you’ve been dreaming of booked in. We’d love to help you get it ticked off the bucket list!

Lady with brown hair smiling as she looks at the camera

Considering a birthday boudoir session?

Now, you know us. We believe that you don’t need an excuse to justify booking an indulgent experience like a spa day or a glamourous photoshoot.

If you have the means to then you can, and should, put yourself first any time you like!

However, many women do choose to visit us for a beauty or boudoir photoshoot experience to coincide with a birthday, and particularly milestone birthdays.

They book a birthday boudoir shoot with us as a well-deserved gift for themselves.

Or, sometimes our ladies are gifted it as a birthday present from a loving partner who knows they’d love a day spent with us creating some boudoir magic!

Birthday photoshoot ideas for adults

Whatever birthday or celebration you have coming up, if you’d love to feel confident, celebrated and empowered, then you’re in the right place!

A boudoir photography session at Johanna Elizabeth is a fun way to celebrate a special occasion like a birthday. This is what the team here specialise in – professional luxury photoshoots for women.

UK boudoir photography doesn’t get any better than this!

Woman wearing emerald coloured lingerie laying on the floor

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Self-confidence photoshoot

We’ve helped more than 7000 women over the past 11 years to rediscover a version of themselves that has been long forgotten.

Our body-positive photoshoots are designed to honour you exactly as you are. They make you feel amazing and allow you to revive and embrace your self-confidence.

The women you see in portraits throughout our website are real women, like you, and not paid models. You too can look this amazing if you put your trust in us and allow us to do what we do best.

Even if you can’t see it yourself, we’ll show you how amazing you are.

Woman laying on a bed with white sheets draped around her

Empowering birthday portraits you can enjoy forever

We’ll create stunning portraits that you’ll be able to enjoy for the rest of your life.

Every day as you look at them up on your walls at home, you’ll be able to experience that confidence and empowerment that oozes out of the portraits.

Just imagine what a boost that would be!

Woman in suspenders and heels holding a flute of champagne

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50th birthday photoshoot

Julie recently had a boudoir photo session to coincide with her 50th birthday

In her own words:

I remain totally in awe of my entire experience with Johanna Elizabeth. From the nervous, tearful wreck who was so anxious she got lost and was late for her planning session, to the radiant, confident woman who just collected her reveal box, it has been one incredible journey.

I’d been entertaining the idea of having a boudoir shoot done for a while but had put it off due to lack of confidence and lack of funds.

When my 50th birthday approached though, I felt I’d reached a point in my life where I felt ready for the boudoir challenge, pushing myself out my comfort zone, and with a view to boosting my confidence.

Naked woman with tatoos during an empowering birthday boudoir photoshoot


My boudoir birthday photoshoot was me celebrating being me. Doing stuff for me. Being the best me I could be. My 50th year felt like the perfect time.

I would wholeheartedly recommend to any woman a shoot to mark their milestone birthday. So often as women we’re the ones taking photos of everyone else, yet rarely have any decent ones of ourselves. I had just one photo of me I genuinely loved, from 50 years of memories. Now I have a whole collection.

It was such an amazing empowering experience. I was so nervous but I was put completely at ease and had so much fun.

Julie also wrote about her birthday boudoir photography experience over on her blog which you can read here.

Woman wearing lingerie and a crown on her head

Caroline also recently had a boudoir session to celebrate her turning 50

In her own words:

I wanted to do 50 things in my 50th year that I would never ever consider doing and challenge myself out of my comfort zone.

I got divorced last year and had actually lost a lot of weight and sorted my life out in lockdown, so I wanted to celebrate and congratulate the birth of the new me. I certainly achieved that!

Woman experiencing a 50th birthday boudoir photoshoot

I would absolutely recommend women to do a boudoir shoot, I have never ever felt so empowered standing there either in my underwear or completely naked. It was a celebration of my body and me and a real confidence booster and when I saw the pictures they absolutely blew my mind. I had a feeling they would be good but Jo and the team knocked it way out of the park.

Life has its dark days and when they hit I look at my photos and it reminds me of what an incredible journey I have been on – that in itself is something that money can’t buy!


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Birthday photoshoot studio

Our spacious photography studio is based in Havant, Hampshire. It’s conveniently located, just 1.5 hours from London and well connected to all counties in the south of England, with excellent transport links.

Ladies regularly travel up to several hours to get to us, knowing that the distance will be well worth it. Wherever you are based, if you’re looking for a birthday photoshoot experience like no other then we’d love to hear from you.

Come and enjoy the best boudoir photography experience in the UK!

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Brunette in black bodice and suspenders reclining on a bed

Is a boudoir photoshoot on your birthday list?

A birthday boudoir photography session at Johanna Elizabeth is a fun way to celebrate your special day.

Whether you’re soon to turn 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, or hit any number in between, let’s celebrate your birthday together with a birthday photoshoot!

Get in touch today if you’re beginning to plan your birthday celebrations and fancy doing something incredible this year. We always love to hear from ladies who want to celebrate themselves through boudoir!

Johanna, Ange & Rachel


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