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Have you noticed? More and more advertising campaigns these days feature body-positive photography.

Brands are featuring women of all sizes and are increasingly showing ‘mum tums’ and the bits of our bodies that have historically been hidden away – considered too embarrassing or ugly to be seen.

As empowerment photographers ourselves, we think this is great! Don’t you?

This change is part of the body positivity movement, which is something that we, at Johanna Elizabeth, fully support. Women finally seem to be being more accurately represented online. While it’s still far too little too late, at least it’s a move in the right direction.

Rather than follow the trends though, our ethos has always been to portray real women. Keep reading to find out more about our body positivity photography.

Blonde lady with tattoo leaning against a wall

What is body positivity?

Body positivity champions the idea that every single one of us is worthy of love (absolutely we are!) and challenges the fact that there is an ‘ideal’ body type that we should all be striving to achieve.

As body positivity advocates ourselves, we believe that we all deserve to have a positive body image, regardless of our size, shape and appearance.

We also passionately support the view that your opinion of your body is the only opinion that matters and that no one other than you has the right to have an opinion on your body. Nor do they have the right to comment on your body.

After all, it’s your body, so it’s your choice what you do with it, right?!

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Body-positive photography for women

We proudly run an established and inclusive photography studio. At our HQ here in Havant, Hampshire, we have been photographing women of all shapes and sizes for many years.

Through our work, we empower women by creating body-positive portraits. These are works of art that capture our female clients in all their gorgeousness. All women are welcome!

Interested to see more of what we do? Then take a look at our Gallery page for examples of our body-positive photography here on our website.

Woman wearing black heels sat on a bed

Embrace your true self in a body-positive photoshoot

There’s nothing we love more than to have the opportunity to work with a diverse range of women and to create body-positive pictures that show and embrace the real you.

At a photoshoot with us, we won’t ask you to “breathe in”, “hide your tummy” or “cover-up”. Oh, no, no, no!

We’re here for one reason and one reason only….to help you celebrate your amazing body and to make you feel like the goddess that you truly are!

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Smiling woman with culy brown hair wearing black lacy top and jewellery

A sensitive and guided photographic experience

As the UK’s leading female empowerment photographer, I’m known as the “curve hunter”.

When photographing a client, I look for the beautiful shapes that the body makes. I use clever lighting to create definition and emphasis and to highlight your fabulous curves.

However you may feel about your body, we’re here to support you and to photograph you however you feel most comfortable. Your guided photographic journey with us is carefully planned and your 100% satisfaction is guaranteed because we tailor your shoot to your individual needs and comfort level.

Body positive portrait of a brunette with tattoos on forearms with fists clenched

Beautiful wall art and print display options

Did you realise that looking at incredible portraits of yourself gives you a huge confidence boost?  Well, they certainly do!

Just imagine how having an empowering, body-positive portrait of yourself in your home could make you feel. Looking upon it daily would be an instant pick-me-up!

Our amazing clients have come to realise this, and so choose to display their body-positive portraits as stunning wall art and as framed prints, or in the beautiful albums and box collections that we offer.

Even after more than 12 years in business, it’s extremely humbling to think that our portraits adorn the walls of thousands of homes across the country and are inspiring women every single day!

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Body positive photography by Johanna Elizabeth

Female body photographer: Chosen by thousands of women just like you

If you’d love a collection of body-positive portraits of your own, then get in touch with us today.

Our all-female team is renowned for exemplary customer service and for creating female portrait and body photography that wows!

Whether you are oozing with body confidence, or if you would love photographs as a reminder of how incredible you are, we can help.

Choose us as your photographer and we will work our magic, sensitively supporting you and encouraging you to embrace your unique body while boosting your sense of self-love.

Let’s celebrate you! You know you deserve it.

Visit the Johanna Elizabeth store for empowering gifts, clothes and accessories

P.S. We also have body-positive gifts!

New for 2023, you can also now shop the body-positive Johanna Elizabeth experience.

We have a fabulous range of body positivity gifts, clothing and accessories that would be the perfect gift for a friend or family member, as well as to yourself!

Visit the Johanna Elizabeth store and make every day a body-positive day!

Lots of love

Jo, Ange & Rachel


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