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Bodyscaping with Nora (40 – mother of 2 beautiful boys)

When Jo put out the call for a bodyscaping model I googled bodyscaping and thought “I could do that!”
This was going to be my 4th boudoir experience with Jo and her team. “Is this really possible” and “can you capture different aspects with every shoot” I hear you ask?
Well, I was one of the first when Jo originally launched the boudoir experience 6 years ago. And if you have had the pleasure of meeting the wonderful team at Johanna Elizabeth then you will know that they are miracle makers. And yes every shoot has been different.
So bodyscaping – what does it involve? – well not very much really… When I had my consultation and we joked about the props I was going to bring along and realised that we would not need very much.
If you have by now also had a peek on Google and seen what bodyscaping involves you will have seen it is looking at your body as a piece of art.
It is about showing off the lines and contours in light and shadow.
I created a Pinterest board with the positions I thought would work and I would like to try.
The cast of the day were:
Katie: Jo’s very talented associate photographer
Miriam: the fabulous make-up artist
Jo: who does not really need an introduction but for completeness was mainly working the lights on the day

and me – Nora: the model

Let me tell you – it was so much fun!  The temperature in the studio was nice and warm and Miriam transformed my face and hair into this beautiful version of me – if only I had time to do my make-up like that every day. But as a busy mum of two boys you can imagine that make-up is not often part of my daily routine.

We laughed and giggled through the whole shoot and for about 90% I wore no clothes whatsoever. It was such a great experience and the team were brilliant.

That was on the shoot day.

The reveal was just out of this world. The photos were stunning and beautiful and incredible and it was really ME! It is amazing how in this busy world we very rarely get the opportunity to look at ourselves and how beautiful we all are.
The images of me just as I am made me proud and happy with who I am and the way I look.
Thank you Katie, Miriam and Jo!

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