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If you’re familiar with what we do here at Johanna Elizabeth, you’ll know that we are passionate about helping women like you rediscover their body-confidence. We help you to celebrate yourself through empowering professional photography.

Women invest in our boudoir photography service because they realise that something is missing and that they are ready to finally put themselves first.

Yet, when is the right time to book a boudoir photoshoot?

In this article, we’re sharing our top tips on how to know when it’s the right time to book a boudoir photoshoot. Hint – we believe that there is no better time than NOW!

Book a boudoir photoshoot with Johanna Elizabeth

How to decide if it’s the right time to book a boudoir photoshoot

  • You secretly love the idea of a boudoir photoshoot

If deep down, you love the idea of a boudoir photoshoot then the timing is right, right now!  Your gut is trying to tell you something – that a photoshoot experience is something you want to do.

If the idea of the shoot appeals but also terrifies you in equal measure, we recommend that you simply take it one step at a time… Give us a call and make an enquiry.

There’s no obligation to go ahead and we won’t pressure you into making a booking. Chat with us to explore the idea, to have your burning questions answered and to understand more about how we can help you.

When you break down what seems like a huge task into smaller, more manageable steps, you’ll find that it’s not as scary as you thought.

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Beautiful boudoir photography

Many women tell us that they’ve secretly wanted to do a photoshoot for years and that they are so glad that they eventually dared to go for it! In fact, once their photoshoot gets underway, they often don’t want it to end!

If you like what we do and feel a desire to have professional boudoir portraits taken, then there’s no reason at all to delay.

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  • Realise that the perfect time will never come!

Every new day is an opportunity for you to shine and to celebrate yourself, but every day that passes becomes a missed opportunity.

We would never encourage to do anything that you are not ready for (and pushy sales tactics is totally not our thing!), but experience tells us that the women who love the experience we offer and the portraits we create never do feel completely ready.

They just decide to be brave, step up and stand out. They take a leap of faith, they face their fear and they take action!

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Dramatic boudoir photography by Johanna Elizabeth

Let’s be honest, 2020 has been a total whitewash of a year. For many, it’s helped to focus the mind on what’s important in life – family, health and happiness.

If an empowering boudoir photography experience would light up your life and help you to feel good about yourself again, we’re ready to take your call!

We will create stunning pictures that will make you feel alive and excited about being you! Why wait and deprive yourself of the opportunity to grab 2021 by the horns and empower yourself?

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  • Recognise that you’re making excuses and, instead, take action!

So many women hold themselves back and make excuses for not putting themselves first. They tell themselves that they need to:

  • lose weight,
  • get fitter,
  • feel more confident in themselves,
  • get their teeth fixed
  • grow their hair
  • and, the list goes on!

These are all common reasons for not committing to a photoshoot, but they are just excuses!

The honest truth is, you’re ready for your time in front of the camera now! You don’t need to lose the weight, drop a dress size or any of these things!

When is the right time to book a boudoir photoshoot

The portraits we create will capture you as you are now. Yes, you are perfect as you are and even if you don’t feel amazing, we can change all that!

It’s our aim to ensure that every woman who steps into our photography studio walks out with a spring in her step and a twinkle in her eye. We achieve this for our clients and we can do this for you too!

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So, when is the right time to book a boudoir photoshoot?

As we’ve suggested, you needn’t wait for the perfect time for a boudoir photoshoot. That ‘perfect’ day might never come! You’re ready now!

Another reason to make a move now is that we are often fully booked around six weeks in advance. So, don’t miss your chance to secure your preferred date  – whether it’s to tie into a birthday or special occasion.

We do very occasionally have last-minute availability and will move heaven and earth to try and accommodate your wishes if you’d like to get booked in at short notice, but it’s always better to book sooner rather than later to avoid disappointment.

With that in mind, we’re excited about hearing from you and look forward to having you in the boudoir soon. Take the first step towards securing your session with us. Book a boudoir photoshoot by getting in touch via the contact page today.

Love Jo, Ange & Rachel


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