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How much do you love your body? Do you feel proud when you look at your reflection in the mirror? Do you have complete confidence in yourself and your appearance?

If you’re like many of the ladies we know, you probably don’t, and you also don’t recognise how incredible you and your body truly are!

Do you realise how incredible you are?

Despite being an absolute goddess (yes, really!), you lack body confidence.

  • You bashfully dismiss compliments that you receive
  • You’re a queen of self-deprecation and regularly put yourself down
  • You’re tougher on yourself than you would ever consider being to a friend
  • You avoid situations where you can be ‘seen’
  • You prioritise others, allowing them to shine instead of putting yourself first
  • And you don’t exist in photos – instead you avoid the spotlight whenever possible.

Does any of this sound familiar? If yes, then we’re here to help.

We’re on a mission to empower you!

At Johanna Elizabeth, we’re on a mission to empower you. We want to encourage you to start prioritising yourself and to fall back in love with who you are and the body that you’re in.

We want the world to be full of confident women!

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How to boost your body confidence

Remember, as an all-female team, we see you. We ARE you!  We have had the same struggles and we work on ourselves every day to maintain our own confidence and mental resilience so that we can face challenges that come our way.

We’ve also served thousands of women who have felt the same as you do right now, but they’ve found a way and no doubt their stories will inspire you. Take a look here.

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Do more of the things that make you feel amazing

We can tell you from experience that there is a huge opportunity ahead of you right now…YOU have the power to make yourself feel amazing.

You can literally start TODAY by making time in your life for more of the things that will make you feel proud of yourself, and your body.

Woman wearing fur jacketplayfully sticking her tongue out to the camera

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Do more of what lights you up

Now we know, it’s not easy for you to find the time to prioritise yourself. You’re busy, and there’s always something else that seems more urgent.

However, it IS possible to do more of what lights you up. You just need to find a small pocket of time each day or week to do something for you that lifts your spirits.

If you do, we’re certain that in no time at all you’ll feel better about yourself.

Boost your body confidence and feel amazing!

Sooner than you think, you’ll enjoy an increased sense of well-being. You’ll feel happier and your self-esteem and body confidence will skyrocket too!

Rather than being that lady who looks down on herself, you’ll gradually begin to feel reinvigorated, full of self-love and you’ll have an insatiable lust for life once again. What a boost that would be!

Our hope is that you’ll come to realise that you ARE worthy and that your body is worth celebrating. Everyone around you can already see how amazing you are – finally, you will too!

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Six ways to boost your body confidence 

We have created a brand new guide called ‘Empowering Me’, packed with suggestions on how you can boost your body confidence.

Simply enter your details in the form below and we’ll send it to you by email, with our compliments.

This free guide is intended to inspire you and help you get started with the planning of your next body-confidence-boosting experience. We’d love for you to try some of these suggestions out and, if you do, let us know how you get on. You’ll probably find that you feel so incredible, you’ll wish you’d done it long ago!

Enjoy the guide, and keep in touch as we’d love to hear your stories of success.

Johanna, Ange & Rachel


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