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What’s the difference between boudoir and portrait photography? If you’d like to know, then read on.

Here at Johanna Elizabeth, we offer a range of photography services for women and realise that in order for you to decide which one of our portrait sessions is the best fit for you, you need to understand how they compare.

We’ll caveat that by saying though that if you’re unsure about which session to choose, please just ask! Our clients often don’t know which photography session may suit them best, but we can help you decide.

We’ll take into consideration what you tell us about yourself, and what you want from your time with us, and then suggest the session type that is most appropriate.

We also are more than happy to create you both ‘boudoir’ and ‘portrait’ style portraits if you cannot decide between them. As your session is completely bespoke, anything is possible!

What is Boudoir Photography?

Let’s start by talking about our signature, boudoir photography service.

We go into some detail in this article on what is boudoir photography, and we also have written about common reasons to book a boudoir photoshoot. Our blog is packed with useful articles like these and many more, so do have a look around over there!

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Boudoir photography by Johanna Elizabeth

Essentially, a boudoir session involves us capturing portraits of you in a bedroom or ‘boudoir’ setting.

It’s designed to be a huge confidence boost and an empowering experience perfect for women, of all shapes and sizes, who would love to try being bold and brave!

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Our stylish boudoir setup includes a contemporary bed, chaise longue and dressing table which we’ll incorporate into your portraits. We are also blessed with large full-height windows which flood the studio with flattering natural light that we can use too.

In a boudoir session, you’ll typically be wearing little or no clothing (it’s completely up to you how far you go!).

Lingerie is a popular choice, but women also choose to wear less revealing clothing and this looks just as fantastic on camera.

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boudoir photography by Johanna Elizabth

Boudoir photography is more intimate and you therefore may choose to keep the portraits for your eyes only, or for just you and your partner to enjoy. They look amazing on your bedroom walls!

Be sure to like and follow our Boudoir Facebook page. On there, you can view recent examples of our boudoir photography and discover testimonials from our thousands of happy clients.

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What is portrait photography?

Our portrait photography service is all about capturing the essence of you in timeless portraits.

We often say to our clients that your portraits become your legacy. They are tasteful, flattering photographs of you that you’d be proud to show to your family and friends and to have hanging on your walls at home.

Beauty photography by Johanna Elizabeth

Unlike in a boudoir session, you’ll remain fully clothed during your beauty portrait session. We’ll capture you looking stunning in your favourite outfits and signature colours, wearing your favourite jewellery and accessories.

This is the perfect session for women who are attracted to the idea of a luxury photoshoot experience and who simply want elegant portraits that show the polished version of themselves.

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If boudoir does not appeal or you don’t feel ready to bare your body to the camera, then a portrait session is perfect for you!

Beauty photography by Johanna Elizabeth

Bring along photography props to make the session all the more personal and bespoke to you, and to convey your unique personality, spirit and energy!

Be sure to like and follow our Facebook Page. On there, you can view recent examples of our portraits photography and discover testimonials from our thousands of happy clients.

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What do boudoir and portraits photography sessions have in common?

As we’ve explained, there are differences between boudoir and portrait photography but there are many similarities too!

All our clients receive the same love, care and attention and, specifically, all our luxury photoshoot experiences include:

  • A pre-shoot Design Consultation where we plan your shoot together, tailoring it exactly to your unique preferences and individual style
  • The photoshoot itself – a private three-hour experience in our spacious and beautifully appointed Havant-based photography studio
  • Customer care throughout your journey with us from our all-female team
  • Professional makeup & styling on the day of your shoot to make you look and feel fabulous!
  • Detailed posing guidance – don’t worry, we won’t just say “pose”!
  • Refreshments throughout your session
  • A retouching service to digitally perfect your portraits (on request, we’d never assume)
  • And an empowering ‘Reveal & Order Session’ in which you’ll decide on your favourite portraits and order your portraits and wall art (NB. portraits are not included in our session fees)

Beauty photography by Johanna Elizabeth

Which is the best fit for you? Boudoir or Portrait photography?

Now you know what the difference is between boudoir and portrait photography, which will you choose? Either way, we can’t wait to have you join us in our photography studio soon!

Contact us via the website to take that exciting first step on your journey with Johanna Elizabeth.

Love JE & team

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