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For those who have visited Johanna Elizabeth Studio in Hampshire, you may recognise our boudoir beauty, Roxie! We sometimes rope her in to help us out here.

Roxie has been trying to find the courage to do a Boudoir shoot and finally with much encouragement from us, her day arrived!

We could give you snippets of Roxie’s review of her time with us, however we thought we’d just paste the whole thing and share some images!

Roxie showing boudoir beauty
Our boudoir beauty Roxie rocking the studio

Our boudoir beauty, Roxie’s experience…

“3 years since I first wanted a boudoir shoot, a wedding and a baby later, I finally had my shoot at Boudoir at Johanna Elizabeth.

I am a larger lady, with an ample bosom and didn’t know quite how I was going to do ‘sexy’. Nervous was an understatement, I am pasty white and now on top of being a larger lady, I also have a mummy tummy!  However, Miriam made me feel so glam with my hair and makeup that I felt a little more relaxed. I had the most amazing lashes added too, very glamorous!

The shoot was more fun than I expected

Then came the shoot……I have to say that once the robe is off and the first shot was taken, it becomes a hell of a lot easier and definitely more fun!

Posing and pouting is exhausting, but such a giggle when you can’t stand in heels!  After a little encouragement, it became a lot more fun, who knew I could still feel good about myself, maybe I just needed this as a kick up the butt!

I left the studio feeling amazing, my hubby loved my ‘new look’ too.

I loved my portraits!

Now the best bit for me was returning (full of nerves again) to view my pics……OMG I loved them.  Although I am a larger lady I struggle with seeing my actual size.  In my head I am 40 stone, in reality, I am not and the pictures complimented my size beautifully.  Clever lighting and posing are marvellous at hiding some bits and enhance others.  I want these guys to photograph me all day every day now!

Thank you to each and every one of you at Johanna Elizabeth who gave me a little bit of ‘me’ back  xxx ”

boudoir beauty

Roxie's Boudoir Beauty Transformation

boudoir beauty roxie's photo session

Congratulations Roxie!

At a curvy dress-size 18-22, we are sure you agree that Roxie’s images are stunning. A real celebration of women with the fuller figure, simply gorgeous.

Thank you to the beautiful Roxie for agreeing to share these images – she wanted to inspire you! If you want to be our next boudoir beauty, please get in touch and we can talk through your photoshoot ideas.

Jo & Team

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