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A boudoir photoshoot can boost your confidence in so many ways. It’s just one of the reasons why our happy clients adore their boudoir experience and often come back for more.

Confidence-boosting photography for women

As a woman, it’s perfectly normal to see significant changes in our bodies over time and these changes can lead to a lack of confidence. But, at Johanna Elizabeth, we passionately believe that all women’s bodies are amazing and need celebrating.

Of course, we feel there is no need for you to feel self-conscious, embarrassed or ashamed when it comes to your body, although we totally understand why we all do sometimes. For some, it’s worse than others.

Our genuine empathy over this is why women return to see us time and time again!

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a boudoir photoshoot can boost your confidence

We can improve your confidence

We’re passionate about helping women feel more confident. We consider it our mission to help you exist in photos and feel good about yourself and your body.

First and foremost, our photoshoots are a celebration of you.

Our aim is to ensure that you not only have a liberating experience on the day of your shoot but also to create many fabulous images that’ll make you feel incredibly proud.

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Need a confidence boost? Boudoir photography by Johanna Elizabeth

If you’ve not been feeling good about yourself, for whatever reason, a day in our boudoir can change that! In fact, so many of our clients tell us that their boudoir photoshoot boosted their confidence beyond their wildest dreams!

Even if you are nervous when you turn up on the day of the photoshoot and worry that you won’t look good in front of the camera, we can help. Rest assured, you will look great and we will be able to create images that are as amazing as those you’ll have seen on our website.

The very act of having a boudoir photoshoot will help you rediscover your confidence and we’re certain that you’ll leave our photography studio with a huge smile on your face.

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Our unique approach to boudoir photography

Our motto is that we believe in smile lines, in true character and rediscovering yourself. Our aim is to show every woman, that you are enough, right now. That perfect is in the heart, not the mirror.

Together through portraits, we will make this happen.

Our all-female team is meticulous about ensuring that you feel completely comfortable during your time in the boudoir.

A confident woman during a boudoir photography shoot

Not got the confidence to bare too much skin? No problem! Boudoir photography isn’t necessarily about getting almost naked! You don’t have to strip down at all. Boudoir photography covers a huge range from fully dressed to our bodyscape portraits!

We are here to give you guidance and help you achieve beautiful portraits that ultimately you will feel fabulous and empowered! We listen to you and shoot what YOU would love most.

This sensitive approach is why our clients consider our service to be a life-changing experience.

Having photographed thousands of women, we understand that everyone is unique and wants different things from their time with us. Whatever your own personal limits are, we are here to support you every step of the way!

We’d be delighted to help you achieve a boost in confidence through boudoir portrait photography.

Beautiful woman during a boudoir photoshoot

A boudoir photoshoot can boost your confidence long-term

Boudoir has a wonderful confidence-boosting effect because we can show you exactly how beautiful you look.

So often we tell ourselves negative stories about how we look, but these simply aren’t true! Instead of feeling self-conscious, our female photographers help you to see that you should be celebrating yourself.

The confidence boost and feeling of empowerment you’ll get is long-lasting too.

Whenever you look back on your boudoir photographs, you’ll be able to remember how you looked in the moment and how good the experience made you feel. This feeling is priceless.

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Smily confident woman during a boudoir photoshoot

Boudoir success stories

If you want to hear the stories of women who are similar to you and who have already experienced the confidence boost you can get from boudoir photography, check out our client albums and reviews on the Johanna Elizabeth Boudoir Facebook page.

Remember, our female photographers will ensure your boudoir photoshoot will show the best of you.  You are gorgeous! You are stunning! Let us give you the opportunity to show exactly how fabulous you are.

We promise it will change how you feel about yourself forever.

If you’re looking to try something new, just for you, and would like to know more about how a boudoir photoshoot can boost your confidence, get in touch. There are no obligations to commit and we are happy to answer any questions you may have.

Our blog is also full of example images from recent photoshoots and useful information. For example, ‘Three things you should know about boudoir photography (but were afraid to ask)’ and ‘What you should bring to your boudoir photoshoot‘.

Love From,

Jo & Team JE

1 thought on “How a boudoir photoshoot can boost your confidence

  1. Wow! What an amazing experience! I’ve finally ticked my amazing journey with RM photography off my bucket list! Never thought I would ever do this.wow what a confidence boost they gave me! .My amazing boudoir photo shoot was just breath taking! As i walked in to the room to view my portraits there were these beautiful stunning pictures all over the wall, I focused on 1 picture as I walked in i said wow look at these amazing pics I bet I don’t look like that! (At that point i didnt relise that these pics were actually me!), I then started to look at others on the wall and gasped ‘oh my god its me! ‘ I was totally blown away! I thank RM team Emily and chloe for making me feel a million dollars! Xx

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