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At Johann Elizabeth, in Havant, we want you to improve your confidence. Whatever the reason, you might not feel like yourself. As a woman, it is perfectly normal to go through these stages, as our bodies goes through a lot of changes throughout our life (it’s pretty amazing if you think about it!). However, you don’t have to live with feeling conscious, embarrassed or ashamed when it comes to your body. Trust us, we think you look bloomin’ beautiful!

How We Can Improve Your Confidence

Boudoir photography should be seen as a gift for yourself. We see a lot of brides come in who use our studios to give their fiancé an intimate gift—and believe us, it’s one hell of a present! However, we think all women should do this for themselves, as boudoir will make you feel sexy, confident and bring out a sexier side that you might not know you had (but you definitely do!).

You might think, “Oh gosh, I can’t bare all in front of a camera!” This is a normal reaction, but trust us—you do have the courage. Remember, you don’t have to strip down and be totally starkers, our photographs imply you are nude. We are also not here to judge you or make you do anything you don’t want to do, we are here to give you guidance, so ultimately you will feel empowered!
how boudoir can improve your confidence

Remember, we will never push you out of your comfort zone. Yes, we are photographers, but we are also women and we understand that you will have limits to how far you want to go—and we are here to support you every step of the way!

Once you have the photographs in your hand, you can remember how you looked in the moment and how good the experience made you feel. It is a feeling that is priceless. Boudoir has that effect, and our female photographers will show you exactly how beautiful you look—so instead of feeling conscious, you can celebrate yourself!

If you want to hear stories to women who are similar to you, please check out our reviews on facebook. For different reasons, they were looking to improve their confidence and we are incredibly proud to see the journey that they have undertaken to get a much-needed boost.

Are you looking to improve your confidence? Our female photographers will ensure your boudoir photoshoot will show the best of you! You are gorgeous! You are stunning! You are sexy! Let us give you the opportunity to show exactly how fabulous you look. We promise it will change how you feel about yourself forever. Don’t hesitate on dropping us a line or a message on Facebook; there are no obligations and we are happy to answer any questions you may have.

Love From,

Jo & Team ~x~

1 thought on “How Boudoir Can Improve Your Confidence

  1. Wow! What an amazing experience! I’ve finally ticked my amazing journey with RM photography off my bucket list! Never thought I would ever do this.wow what a confidence boost they gave me! .My amazing boudoir photo shoot was just breath taking! As i walked in to the room to view my portraits there were these beautiful stunning pictures all over the wall, I focused on 1 picture as I walked in i said wow look at these amazing pics I bet I don’t look like that! (At that point i didnt relise that these pics were actually me!), I then started to look at others on the wall and gasped ‘oh my god its me! ‘ I was totally blown away! I thank RM team Emily and chloe for making me feel a million dollars! Xx

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