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An essential part of the luxury experience that you’ll have with me when you visit for your boudoir or beauty photoshoot, is a professional hair and makeup session. So, I thought it’d be a great idea to officially introduce you to Evie, our very own hair and makeup stylist.

Read on and you’ll discover that she’s highly experienced and incredibly talented. She certainly knows everything there is to know about makeup and hair!

Evie has worked with hundreds of our boudoir and beauty clients, so I’m confident that you’ll love how she’ll style your hair and makeup on the day.

Although you may feel slightly nervous when you arrive, Evie plays an integral role in the team and works closely with me throughout each photoshoot. She will help to ensure that you look and feel fabulous, and help you feel full of confidence!

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Introducing Evie, our boudoir hair and makeup stylist!

So, this is Evie.

She trained at a private makeup school in London many years ago and has since worked in theatre, on film, TV and commercial projects and at Fashion Week in London and Paris!

Evie has worked with me and the rest of the Johanna Elizabeth team for several years now, and we wouldn’t be without her! In fact, I’m thrilled to be able to tell you that I’ve recently promoted her to be our in-house Lead Makeup Artist!

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Deciding on your hair and makeup for boudoir photos

Evie’s role on the day of your portrait session is to style your hair and makeup so that you’re feeling photo-ready.

Before you arrive for your portrait session, I encourage you to look on Pinterest and save hair and makeup looks that you love so that you can show her on the day. Evie can then work her magic to create a similar look.

When it comes to deciding on your hair and makeup for boudoir or beauty photos, I usually recommend that you stick to a look that’s in keeping with your natural style. Of course, it’s equally as fabulous if you’re keen to step up and embrace your alter ego with something dramatic. After all, this is what the planning’s about – so we nail exactly what you’d love!

While your photoshoot will be unlike anything you have ever experienced before, it’s very important to me that you end up with portraits that reflect who you truly are. My goal is to show the real you in the photos and help you express yourself.

Natural makeup to show the real you

On the morning you arrive, you’ll be without makeup. This is when you’ll discuss with Evie the makeup you usually wear, your preferences for colours on eyes and lips, and the look you’d like her to create.

Although Evie will usually encourage you to wear slightly more makeup than you would day-to-day, even with a little extra on she’ll ensure that your look is natural and that you look like yourself.

Meet Evie, our boudoir hair and makeup stylist

Popular hair and makeup styles for boudoir photography

You’ll have washed your hair the night before your shoot and we do recommend you wear your hair down for the photos if it’s longer.

Evie will be on hand throughout the session to help position your hair in the photos and give it a boost if needed.

A classic makeup look for beauty or boudoir photography is a fresh, natural complexion, finished with either a smoky eye or bold lip.

Eye make-up can be light or heavy, subtle or more dramatic, depending on the look you want to go for. Bright lips look lovely in the portraits, but if you aren’t a lipstick wearer then a tinted lip balm also works really well.

Evie will also consider the colours of the clothing or lingerie you are planning to wear when planning your makeup and creating the finished look.

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Boudoir hair and makeup styling

The key thing about boudoir hair and makeup styling is that it should look and feel right, and this is what Evie excels at!

She’ll use luxury makeup brands such as Mac, Bobby Brown, Nars and Charlotte Tilbury to enhance your natural look. However, if you have a particular favourite of your own, feel free to bring it along on the day.

If there’s anything I haven’t covered here about boudoir hair and makeup styling here at Johanna Elizabeth, then please just ask. I’d be very happy to help!

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Love Johanna



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