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A lot of assumptions are made about boudoir photography; about what it is and what’s involved.

So, today we’re going to address some of the most common boudoir photography myths that we’ve come across and tell you what we think about them.

Keep reading to discover the truth about boudoir!

Common misconceptions about boudoir photography

Boudoir photography myth #1 – Boudoir photos are just sexy, erotic images

Search for “boudoir photography” on Google or Pinterest, and you’ll find endless different interpretations of the genre. Some boudoir photography is more conservative. Some is more liberal.

What you must know about our unique style of boudoir photography is that is it NOT about creating ‘sexy’ or erotic portraits.

At Johanna Elizabeth, our whole ethos is about creating an empowering experience that celebrates you, and that is for YOU. While you may wish to share the portraits with your partner, first and foremost they are intended for you.

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Smiling redhead woman with painted nails

Our style of boudoir portraiture is classy, elegant and refined. The portraits will boost your confidence and your sense of self-worth, making you realise how amazing you are.

We want to help you learn to rediscover your inner goddess and for you to fall in love with yourself again.  So, the style of portrait we’ll create for you reflects that.

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Boudoir photography myth #2 – Boudoir photography is only for young, slim women

Boudoir is for ladies of all ages and all shapes and sizes. There is no woman who is unsuitable for boudoir – anyone who implies this is completely wrong!

Just take a look at our photo galleries and the portraits shared on this website and you’ll see that we’ve helped a huge variety of women, and they all look fabulous!

Woman lifting weights during boudoir photography portrait session

If you’re hesitating about booking a boudoir photoshoot because you want to lose weight first or get fitter or fix your hair, or for any other reason, know that you are already perfect and ready now.

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Boudoir photography myth #3 – You have to get naked

This one is a hugely common assumption but is completely untrue! If the idea of baring all makes your stomach turn, then please know that you don’t have to!

Not all our boudoir clients decide to get naked during their photoshoot. It’s definitely not necessary to strip down to your birthday suit when you come to the Johanna Elizabeth team for your portraits.

Woman sat wearing cardigan and boots during boudoir photography session

We plan out your shoot together, in advance, during your Design Consultation appointment.

You tell us what poses you’ve seen (we direct you to our Pinterest board for inspiration) and that you’d like us to recreate. We’ll then discuss and agree on everything beforehand so there are no surprises on the day of your photoshoot.

Remember, we have more than a decade of experience in boudoir photography. We’ll craft you a boudoir experience that’s based on what you tell us about you and your preferences. Every shoot is as unique as you are!

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Anyway, there are also ways that we can imply ‘nude’ if you’d like us to. White sheets, furs, robes, slips – these are all boudoir props we use to cover up parts of your body while the portraits are taken. That way, you maintain your modesty and we still can create beautiful and artistic images for you.

Smiling blonde woman reclining on bed wearing beads

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Interested in a boudoir photography shoot?

We hope it’s been helpful to read about these three common boudoir photography myths?

Contact us today if you’re interested in a boudoir portrait session at our Hampshire-based studio. We’d love to help you experience boudoir the Johanna Elizabeth way!

Love Johanna, Ange & Evie


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