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At Johanna Elizabeth studio in Havant, the team and I are always exchanging beauty tips and cosmetic secrets. One of our former make-up artists, Laura, who was with us until last year, shared some of her beauty wisdom with Johanna Elizabeth and we created a vlog!

This was the start of our Boudoir Secrets channel, which gave you advice and top tips when it came to apply make-up and hairstyles. We had planned on more vlogs, but hey-ho, life gets in the way (isn’t that always the case?).

So, let us introduce you to Laura! She was well known in the studio as being the go-to gal when it came to make-up advice, whether you needed help gluing on your eyelashes or you were looking for a new lip shade for a night out!

Boudoir Secrets With Laura Jenkinson!

Thanks Laura!

One of the many highlights of our sessions is getting professionally pampered! Our make-up artists will listen to your ideas about your boudoir experience. As we’ve said before, boudoir is a journey rather than a photoshoot and getting a makeover is only one of the many highlights of the experience–if I do say so myself!

So, please like or subscribe to our Youtube Channel where you can learn who and what Johanna Elizabeth are! Or if you want to talk about  cosmetics, we definitely have time for that! 😉

Love from,
Jo and Team RM

~ x ~

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