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Think about boudoir shoot outfit ideas and you may instantly think of beautiful lingerie.

Did you know though, that you don’t have to just wear lingerie to your boudoir photography session? There are many alternatives to traditional boudoir outfits, and these can look equally fabulous!

Today, we’re sharing with you some tips and examples of the variety of looks we can create for you during your boudoir photo shoot, all without the focus being on lingerie.

We hope that these boudoir clothing ideas will inspire you and be helpful when you’re planning your first (or next!) boudoir shoot with the Johanna Elizabeth team.

What to wear for a boudoir shoot

So, when it comes to planning what you could wear for your boudoir shoot, do take a look at some of our other articles, here on the blog.

For example, we’ve already written about what you should bring to your boudoir photoshoot and things to consider when choosing lingerie.

Ultimately, when it comes to planning your boudoir shoot outfits, lingerie and sleepwear are an absolute boudoir staple!  Saying that you might also want to bring along other clothing that would work well with our luxury boudoir vibe.

Five non-conventional boudoir shoot outfit ideas

  1. Leather jacket

If you’re keen to add a touch of biker chic, a classic black leather jacket worn over high-waisted pants is a strong and empowering look.

If you don’t wear a bra, we can style it so that you show a hint of cleavage. Or, we can do a cheeky bum shot. It’s always fun to add an element of intrigue!

2. An oversized or snuggle jumper

A jumper worn with pants is also a great option as a boudoir photoshoot outfit – the larger and more snuggly-looking the better!

Asymmetric or wide-neck jumpers work well as they can be tilted to reveal a bare shoulder.

Or you can loosely drape your jumper or cardigan around you for a relaxed and seductive, ‘I got out of bed like this’ look.

3. Your favourite T-shirt or shirt

When it comes to boudoir shoot outfits, a favourite T-shirt – and particularly a white, plain T-shirt – is a classic look. We always advise you to choose one without patterns, logos or details as these could date the photo.

What we love about t-shirts is that they look great on everyone! Simply, pair your T-shirt with your favourite pants and we’ll do the rest!

Alternatively, bring along a classic white shirt – whether yours or a man’s shirt! Much like a T-shirt, a shirt can be incredibly versatile.

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4. White Sheet or Grey Fur!

Although so far we’ve been talking about boudoir clothes ideas, we also can wrap you in our sheet set or grey furs, as in the portraits below.

The simplicity of this styled shot is a big part of the allure.

While you appear to be naked underneath, you needn’t be if you don’t wish! Nude underwear can keep your modesty intact, or you can slip it off just seconds before the portrait is taken!

White sheet photoshoot

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5. Gown/Coveralls

Gowns are incredibly versatile. They can be an added touch over any boudoir outfit or an outfit on their own.

Bring your own or help yourself to our wardrobe! We have satin, lace and huge tulle ones. Beautiful boudoir clothing that looks fantastic on camera!

Woman wearing a blindfold during a boudoir photography portrait session

Boudoir photography outfit ideas

So, there you have it! The items above may not be the boudoir outfits that first spring to mind when you come to plan your portrait session, but we hope that you’ve been inspired by reading this.

These are great alternatives to more traditional lingerie and look equally amazing as boudoir photoshoot outfits!

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Don’t forget boudoir props!

One final tip. Don’t forget to also bring accessories and props! These are a key part of any boudoir shoot outfit, and can really help to personalise your portraits.

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Need more boudoir shoot outfit ideas? Just ask!

Remember, we’ll give you more advice and boudoir photography outfit ideas during your Design Consultation. There will be plenty of opportunities for you to ask me, or my studio manager Ange, questions about what to wear.

We’re here for you and can help you prepare and plan for the boudoir shoot of your dreams! Just ask us if you need more tips and guidance on what to wear to your boudoir photoshoot.

Whatever you choose, we’ve no doubt that you’ll completely rock your boudoir session and together we’ll create some magic! We can’t wait!

Love Johanna, Ange & Rachel


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