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While it’s entirely natural to feel slightly apprehensive before you visit us for your beauty or boudoir session, there are many ways to calm your nerves before a photoshoot.

Read on for our top tips!

Banish your pre-photoshoot nerves by heeding these tips

  1. Trust in us. We’ll look after you!

The first thing to realise is that the whole team here at Johanna Elizabeth are here to help and guide you through the entire process. We’ll ensure that you’re well looked after, are prepared and are clear about everything before we start.

A smiling woman reclining on a bed wearing black lingerie

You can be reassured that with me and my team, you are among friends! You are in the best hands!

“Jo and her team are amazing, I was so nervous but they all put me at ease & we had a good laugh through the shoot. I couldn’t wait to see my portraits and I was not disappointed with the results. I now look at myself in a whole new light………….. Thank you so much ? ? ?” – Michelle

  1. Have faith in our tried-and-tested process

While feeling nervous about your photoshoot is to be expected, do remember that we have photographed thousands of women and we are experts at making you look and feel amazing in photographs!

More than 6000 ladies, just like you, have been through our doors. Almost all of those felt nervous when they arrived, but they left knowing how fabulous they are and walked out of our door feeling two inches taller!

Tattood lady wearing heels with legs in the air

When you come to us for your body-confidence photoshoot, you can feel safe in the knowledge that our decade of experience of photographing women will mean that we can make sure your day goes smoothly.

“Thank you so much to the wonderful Jo and her lovely team. I had the best boudoir experience ever!
Jo and team made me feel so empowered and beautiful! I would highly recommend a shoot with them to anyone who is considering it. Thank you so so much! ? – Dani

My lovely Studio Manager, Ange, will help you plan your session so you feel prepared on the day of your photoshoot. Together you’ll have decided on the look you want to go for, the sets and the poses that you’re keen to try out. This will leave you free to simply come and enjoy your time with us!

No need to worry about how to calm your nerves before a photoshoot – they’ll be gone soon enough!

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  1. Remember, professional hair and makeup styling will make you look and feel like a goddess!

We all have bad hair days and those times when our skin looks dull and tired, but don’t forget that professional hair and makeup styling will transform how you feel on the day!

Hair and makeup styling will help calm your nerves before your photoshoot

Our Evie is a boudoir hair and makeup stylist extraordinaire, and all our ladies love what she creates for them. We’re confident you will too!

“Absolutely amazing experience! I cannot thank Jo had the team enough. From day 1 they made me feel so comfortable and always on hand to calm my pre-nerves and answer any questions I had. I felt like I was chatting to people I’d know for years! I now want to do more just to spend more time with the lovely team and feel amazing!” – Kate

  1. Wear clothes and lingerie that make you feel good

There are endless options when it comes to choosing your clothing and lingerie for your boudoir photoshoot but try not to let yourself get overwhelmed.

There are lots of tips, articles and inspiration here on the blog.

Ultimately though, since you won’t want to be unsure or nervous about the clothing, bring along only the things that you feel good in. Things that you know flatter you and show off your best assets!

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Lady wearing white Lingerie

Feeling good about yourself and confident about what you are wearing goes a long way towards helping you relax and enjoy the shoot, and stop those nerves kicking in!

Remember though, if you’re feeling unsure, we’ll go through all this and Ange can advise further during your pre-photoshoot Design Consultation.

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We’ll help you to relax and have the time of your life!

Three of the most common reasons why women tell me they experience nerves before a photoshoot is:

  • that they are unsure of what to wear,
  • they feel that they won’t know how to pose
  • or, they worry they won’t look good in the photos.

We can assure you though, all of these worries are unfounded!

Take our word for it, those butterflies in your tummy and any nerves or anxiety you may feel ahead of your photoshoot will soon disappear once the fun starts!

Smiling lady with brown hair during boudoir shoot

“On shoot day I was incredibly nervous. As soon as I met Jo those nerves were put to bed. I had the most incredible day. An extremely empowering experience!” – Sarah

How to calm your nerves before a photoshoot

While it’s normal to feel nervous, we’ll work hard to ensure that you are able to relax and have the time of your life!

In the meantime, we hope these tips on how to calm your nerves before a photoshoot have helped!

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Love Johanna, Ange & Rachel



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