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Love to be selected for a complimentary, empowering photoshoot worth £250? Read on for more details!

Yes Please!

“Together, we can reassure the next generation, that they ARE enough.”

The Power of Portraits

As a mother, I am acutely aware of my daughters and the road they face as they grow into adulthood.
I want to safe-guard their self-esteem ferociously.

I do what I can, empower them to not fall prey to social media, be sensible in what they believe to be true.
The daily onslaught they face from a society, constantly telling them they are NOT enough, saddens me.

This is the first generation, feeling their way through a minefield, not just girls… boys too.

In our little, cosy and empowering studio, we change women’s lives on a daily basis. Helping them find themselves again.
(Grab a box of tissues and read our facebook reviews)
We are honoured, truly!

So, this got me thinking.
If only we could set our girls on the right path, with higher self-esteem, some advice and encouragement (that sometimes, with makeup, less is more.)

So now we offer to you, bring her in, let’s shoot, let’s have a boost.
Let’s celebrate this precious time as they enter womanhood.

Mums you can join in… when did you last ‘exist in photos’?
Scroll down and enter for the chance to be selected to join us for this luxury experience, like no other.
(If you’re not one of the selected, you can join us anyway, use our contact form to enquire about your own booking!)

As with all of our sessions, the person booking must be over 18yrs old and happy that a fully refundable booking deposit of £50 applies.
Also, for anyone under 18, they must be accompanied by their legal guardian.
Love Jo

The Session Includes:

All female team
Luxury experience
Purpose built, stunning studios
Style & Concept Consultation
Pro makeup & hairstyling (if required)
Makeup tutorial & advice
Relaxed photoshoot
Total posing guidance
Reveal Session

Please fill out the form below and good luck...

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