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You may have heard that a boudoir experience can be a real confidence booster—and this is absolutely right. Over the years we’ve met many women, just like you and I, who have fancied a boudoir experience to enhance their self-esteem. If you are going through a rough patch, suffering with ill health or feeling frustrated because of a disability, our photoshoots are renowned for helping you feel better.

A fabulous example of a confident woman that we’ve helped is Charlotte Goulty. Charlotte is an amazing woman, who is defiant that her disability will not prevent her from looking and feeling gorgeous. She recently joined us in the studio for her third photoshoot—and as always, she looked amazing!

Charlotte’s personal journey is so inspiring that this July, she wants to share the story behind her boudoir shoots with you too. Please read on to learn why Charlotte’s experience at our studio in Havant have helped her look and feel wonderful once more.

Charlotte Shares Her Boudoir Story…

“My disability is called hypermobility syndrome. It’s a condition where the joints easily move beyond the normal range expected for that joint. I get pains in all my joints and suffer from clicking joints, dislocations, fatigue, sickness— and more. Sadly there are a lot of symptoms. It’s genetic as well, so although I was born with it, I wasn’t diagnosed until I was 13— 9 years ago! Currently I’m off work because my hip is painful. I am undergoing treatment with scans and tests to try and
discover what can be done and if surgery is an option.

I have a had three boudoir experience shoots with Johanna Elizabeth now and I have loved every single one.

As a girl who’s disabled and one that’s always been made to believe I’m “fat,” I was really nervous about stepping in front of the camera. However, not only has it helped me see myself properly for the first time, but it has made me realise that my size 12 figure is something to be proud of!

Johanna Elizabeth

The photo shoots have helped me learn that my figure is far from being too big. They have also helped me regain confidence about my disability too, which I love. I’m still beautiful and I believe every woman is and that we should support each other with feeling this way. I am proud to share my journey, to help other women like myself feel confident and hopefully begin looking at themselves in a completely different light too.”

Thank you for sharing your story, Charlotte! We always enjoy having you in the studio and we wish you the best of luck with your hip and on-going treatment.

Does Charlotte’s story this sound similar to your own? Do you want help with regaining your confidence? Well, don’t let your disability or health stop you! Come and have a chat with me or a member of the team to find out more about our photoshoots.

Boudoir may seem a little scary at first, but our professional, all-female team will make sure you have the support you need to create and achieve the vision you want for your shoot—trust me, you’ll soon see how beautiful you already are!

Love from,

Jo x

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