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In Team RM, we expect everyone to experience their own boudoir session.
A nerve-wracking experience for most, being in front of the lens for a change, gives a whole new view on what we create here at Johanna Elizabeth.
This time – it was our makeup artist Chloe’s turn!!!
In her own words……
“Since I started working at Johanna Elizabeth, as a make-up artist for boudoir shoots, I’ve been interested in having a shoot done myself, just to see what it’s like!
The day before shooting I became more and more nervous as I counted down the hours to my shoot, I gathered together all the lingerie I had bought for the shoot.
I was prepared, I had my two lingerie sets with heels to go with my outfits.

The morning of my shoot I was excited, nervous, apprehensive and a little terrified!
I had never done anything like this before, I’m not that comfortable with having my photograph taken let alone being in lingerie.
So, I arrived at the studio and I showed some of the images I liked and thought were cool to my photographer for the shoot, Katie.
Once I was changed into my first look the shooting began!
The initial taking off the robe to be standing just in your underwear was so terrifying and the first couple shots I was nervous and wasn’t relaxed at all.
About 15 minutes into the shoot I really started to relax, Katie was directing me and all I had to do was listen to her instruction, although some of the poses are pretty stretchy and really are a workout for your body, you will be aching the next day!
The shoot was great, I felt comfortable and I really embraced the whole experience and made the most of it. Seeing the images of myself after the shoot was very surreal I was amazed that it was actually me!
The way Katie had directed me to pose and had positioned the lighting really flattered my figure and I am so pleased with my images, I feel more confident in myself.
Yes, the boudoir shoot is scary and nerve racking but it was probably one of the best things I have ever done, and I believe every women should take the opportunity to feel beautiful and sexy.”

Love from Chloe

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