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As you know, at Johanna Elizabeth Studio in Havant we’ve seen many inspirational women through our doors. This week’s boudoir journey belongs to Sally, a woman who is recovering from breast cancer, who’s used our boudoir sessions to help bring back her confidence.

Are you recovering from breast cancer and want to feel like a woman again? Let Sally’s story inspire you…

Sally’s Breast Cancer Battle

“In 2014, I realised that slowly over many years I had lost me. I wanted to find that happy, smiling, fun loving lady again and I made huge life choices so that my light would shine once more and it did.

Throughout 2015, I pushed myself into brand new areas of life both personally and professionally and after just a few months I could not only see the difference, but I felt like the real me once more. I felt empowered and just amazing, however that was set to change.

Come October in my 47th year, I received an invitation to attend a mammogram which I happily went along too. Surprisingly within two weeks, I was recalled to hospital.

I thought, ‘I’m fine nothing to worry about.’ How surprised I was on that day to find out things were not quite as expected and that 9 biopsies were taken.

I went home, still totally fine, not a worry in the world and awaited the results. Come early November, I was unfortunately diagnosed with breast cancer with my first operation scheduled within 4 weeks.
I was good, my strength was back, I could get through anything my positiveness just did not waiver. This was a blip in my life.

The days went by quickly back to hospital for results. Unfortunately there was much more cancer than the oncologists originally thought.

My next operation scheduled for the 15th January was to remove 80% of my right breast and carry out a new style reconstruction at the same time by using tissue from my back. I thought ‘happy days lets get it done and dusted out of the way.’
24753-005My emotional state was as strong as ever, not a wobble. Feeling good at the next results day, I couldn’t believe it–even more cancer found in the remaining tissue.

My next op was a 10 hour one on the 14th March, the new style reconstruction had to go completely so a mastectomy was now arranged with another reconstruction using the tissue and blood supply from my tummy this time.

Still positive and I was going to get a tummy tuck–“every cloud,” so to speak. Around my 48th birthday in February, I was getting dressed-up to go out and I was just about to pop my bra on, when I caught site of myself in the mirror and it hit me.

Yes, I was coping incredibly well, but in that instance my body confidence just disappeared and it was the first time I actually cried.

That night on Facebook, I don’t know how, but Johanna Elizabeth Photography was staring me straight in the face, so I nervously applied.

When I received their call I felt elated. I so wanted to do this.

I needed to do this just for me and wow, what an incredible experience! Hair, make-up…pretty underwear and such lovely ladies.
24753-018I felt incredible during and after the shoot and without then being able to see the results due to being back in hospital, they had helped me feel sexy again it was wonderful, I was amazed.24753-011The day of my Reveal Session came and although eager to see the results, I was very nervous as usually I will do anything to avoid the camera!

As the music started and my images were shown on the screen it gave me goose bumps…my body was now covered in many more scars and big ones to boot, but you know what? I felt amazing.
The team made me look amazing and at that moment I could of cried just happy tears. 24753-022Not only had I just been told I was now cancer free, but I was looking at me, at my images and my smile was firmly back in place.
Simply an incredible experience.24753-004I really, really send my heartfelt thanks to the team, the photos are beautiful and have played a big part in me going forward knowing that I am okay and whatever scars we may have, whatever shape or size we are, we are all beautiful and should celebrate that fact whenever we can…life is good.”

Thank you all.

Sally xx”

We love you, Sally! Thank you for sharing your emotional boudoir journey–you look absolutely phenomenal! We wish you the best on your recovery from breast cancer. If you’re recovering and are looking for a confidence boost, our boudoir photo shoots from our all-female staff could be exactly what you’re searching for-get in touch today to learn more.

3 thoughts on “Our client Sally’s emotional boudoir journey…

  1. Hi Sally, I too was diagnosed with breast cancer in October 2015. I finished chemo 8 weeks ago but still have tumour as too difficult to operate at the moment. I lost all my hair but it’s now started to grow back. I also had breast cancer in 2000 so it’s my second time. I am looking forward to my shoot after my holiday. I am pleased to hear you are ok now.

    1. Hi Lesley…thank you. I have further ops going forward but am positive and wish you all the best with your ongoing treatment.
      I am sure you will enjoy your shoot…you will feel and look amazing.
      It is wonderful lifted my self esteem without question.
      Really hoping you get clear and well very soon xx

  2. Hello Sally
    I just want to say You look incredibly Gorgeous and you’re an inspiration to others. Well done.
    Big hugs

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