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A couples boudoir photoshoot is a brilliant way to celebrate your relationship with your partner and to get some intimate and loving portraits of you together.

Couples boudoir

As a specialist boudoir photography studio, we love having couples in. A deeply loving couple who are comfortable with their bodies and each other are wonderful to photograph.

Working with couples gives us a chance to really get creative too! We adore creating a variety of tender, romantic portraits of you both, as well as some more racy ones if you wish us to!

Why have couples boudoir portraits?

There are many reasons why you may choose to come to us for a couples boudoir session.

1. To celebrate your marriage

Married couples sometimes come shortly after their wedding, to celebrate their new just-married status. While you’re still in the honeymoon phase, a boudoir couples shoot is a chance to create intimate portraits of you both together at the beginning of your married life. They are a fantastic complement to your wedding photos.

2. To celebrate your pregnancy

Similarly, you may want couples photographs because you’re celebrating your pregnancy. If so, we can capture some gorgeous tender moments of you and your partner caressing your baby bump, and document this special time as you look ahead to welcoming your baby.

3. To celebrate your anniversary

Or, you may have a wedding anniversary or other special date that is meaningful to you coming up and wish to celebrate the occasion with a couple photoshoot. We can create many wonderful loving portraits – whichever is your style!

4. To celebrate your love – no occasion needed!

Who needs a reason to celebrate though anyway? We’re big believers in the fact that you and your partner are perfect today, as you are now, and that the love you share – whatever the date or time of year – is worth celebrating!

Couples photography

Interested in a couples intimate photoshoot at Johanna Elizabeth?

Our beautiful contemporary boudoir studio in Havant, Hampshire is spacious, light and airy and has a private dressing area with plenty of room for two.

We also have a number of setups and backdrops which we can use in your couples portraits, which means we can create a good variety of photographs of you both.

We create a safe space for you to express your love for each other, and encourage you to relax and not hold back in demonstrating your love!

Romantic couples boudoir photoshoot

What should you wear in a couples boudoir sessions?

In couples boudoir photoshoots, you can be clothed or semi-clothed – it’s completely up to you. As with all our sessions, your boudoir experience is crafted especially for you and is tailored according to your desires and preferences.
We do request men in our studio remain in their trousers.

Whether you choose to bring your favourite lingerie and heels or are more comfortable staying casually dressed, we work closely with you throughout your boudoir journey to ensure your couples boudoir experience is personalised to you and your unique style.

Couples boudoir photography by Johanna Elizabeth

Poses for couples photoshoots

Depending on your preferences, there are many different poses for couples photoshoots that we’ll encourage you to try and we’re confident that you’ll love the results!

Join us for a couples boudoir photoshoot

Whatever your age, gender or relationship status, a couples boudoir photography session is an exciting and liberating experience!

The couples boudoir portraits we’ll create are perfect for your bedroom walls at home, and they are a wonderful gift for each other.

Contact us today to enquire about our couples boudoir photoshoots and to check availability. We look forward to hearing from you!

Love Jo & team JE


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