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This month’s story is incredibly inspiring and will no doubt make you feel a little emotional when reading. She’s a woman who is courageous and completely worked the boudoir studio, it’s none other than the sexy Yvonne Taylor!

Yvonne has been kind enough to let us publish her personal boudoir story with you, so you can read her journey.

Take it away, Yvonne!

Courageous Yvonne’s Turn in the Boudoir!

“I was looking on my Facebook page when I saw a chance to win a photoshoot and a makeover i.e. hair and make-up, so I entered with my reasons which were how I was feeling at the time. I had lost sight of myself, I felt very old, ugly, not sexy in any way, unwanted and unloved.

“My long-time partner of 13 years had been cheating with a lot of different women throughout the whole time. As you imagine, I was so down, lonely, hurt, no confidence…the list goes on.


“I have never won anything in my life. I’ve also never had a boudoir experience, so I could not believe it when I received a telephone call to say I had won this amazing chance! My heart was racing with excitement, nerves—all the normal stuff.

“I was called into the studio to meet the ladies and was shown around their place. They were lovely and helpful, and showed me some of the photos which other ladies had taken. I was worried I might have to take my clothes off, which I could not do. They assured me I could have anything I wanted and liked, which made me feel a lot better as my nerves were running away with me.24924-003

“The big day came for the shoot and I was asked to take some clothes what I would like to wear for the photos. I was nervous and excited all in one! I sat and had my hair and make-up done with a lovely young lady, which made me settle a bit and then the photographer came in and she was so nice and easy to get on with, I started to enjoy this, I felt good and my nerves were calming down. For that short time, I felt important and good within myself.


“The reveal came and the ladies were amazing! I sat and watched myself on a TV screen—I could not believe what I was watching—the tears were rolling down my cheeks, I was in silence, it was so emotional I could not hold back anymore and just cried. They were amazing. It was me. I was in shock and continued to be emotional for days after.

“I also realised I was not the ugly, old and unsexy thing I thought I was. I would like to thank all the ladies at Johanna Elizabeth for their compassion and their help that they gave me. If any ladies out there want to feel as special as I did please do this for yourself.”

– Yvonne Taylor

Thanks Yvonne for sharing your emotional and courageous story. We absolutely love your boudoir photos and you’re right—you definitely are sexy!

Has a recent event in your life knocked the confidence out of you? It’s common to go through stages where you’re not feeling yourself. Our boudoir photography sessions have proven to be a pick-me-up, as we can show you exactly how stunning you are!

In our boudoir shoot, we don’t ever push you to do something you don’t want to do—everything in our boudoir sessions has your final say, so don’t let nerves put you off. Feel free to come in for a chat or give us a quick message on Facebook.

Love from,
Jo and Team x

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