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Denise’s boudoir session in her own words…

I was incredibly nervous before my shoot and almost cancelled! I’m so glad I didn’t because Jo made me feel like a superstar.

On arrival, I was offered a drink and she immediately set about making me feel as relaxed as possible. We talked about what I wanted and looked through a few Pinterest images that I had pinned from the Johanna Elizabeth page. The only people in the building were me, Jo and the make-up artist so I felt secure and in good hands.

My hair and make-up were done beautifully in accordance with my wishes and I couldn’t wish for a better result.

Jo sees in you what you would never see in yourself and makes it her mission to bring it out; her confidence and bubbly personality are infectious and you can’t help but release your sassy, sexy inner diva as time goes on.

The reveal was incredible and I was astounded at how stunning the photos were (so very hard to choose which photos to buy.)

I can honestly say this has been one of the most liberating experiences of my life and I can now see in me a little of what Jo sees and can’t wait to repeat the experience once I’m a little further along my journey.

Thank you Johanna Elizabeth!

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