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Destination Shoot Frequently Asked Questions

Are you an all-female team?

We absolutely are.
We’re all girls together, all carefully handpicked – the best in the industry.

Will you share my images?

ONLY with your written/signed permission.
We are very used to being commissioned by professionals whose portraits must never be seen in the public domain.
Your portraits are even saved on a locked away, password protected server (not cloud) under a number, not your name.

Woman in elegant pink gown during a Hampshire castle location photoshoot

How do your clients know how to pose? They look like models!

Thankyou so much! We work very hard to ensure that every portraits has a touch of finesse.
We will pose you down to your little finger, even pose your hair!
We know how stupidly awkward you suddenly becomes when a camera is pointed at you. “What should I do with my hands”?!

When should I book my session?

When you know where and when… you need to talk to us!
Depending on your destination and the time frame, we’ve got planning to do.


How will I select my chosen collection?

You are invited back to your Reveal Session a minimum of 10 days after your big shoot day.
This is always ‘in house’ with us.
We often book this at your design consultation so you know when this will be and can plan accordingly!
We don’t save unordered portraits, so you are strongly advised to book this at the best time for you.

Your chosen ‘Destination Shoot’ custom designed experience includes a collection. You can see further details here.

For your convenience, we do take PayPal Credit AND have partnered with Klarna.

What styles can I choose for my shoot?

It’s truly up to you!
We can explore an iconic landmark dressed to the nines, swan around a beautiful venue in a gown or shoot boudoir in a decadent hotel room.
Once we know where we’re shooting – leave the rest to us!



Love is love

Are you LGBTQ+ friendly?

We welcome everyone into the studio and love to celebrate diversity.
We’ve helped many members of the LGBTQ+ community explore and create the most incredible and emotional portraits.
You can be assured of a non-judgmental and safe space, with a dash of excitement!

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What can I wear?

We will go through all of this with you at your consultation, lots of advice is given!
Colour palette is SUPER important in this shoot.
You can wear anything from your birthday suit (for boudoir) to an evening gown!
We have a lot of gowns etc to choose from, or get ready shop or hire something special to you.


How much retouching do you do?

As much as you’d like really.
We don’t change you into someone else though.
Your makeup artist will compliment your look in a polished way, what’s not to love about that?
We create your portraits beautifully ‘in camera’ with gorgeous posing and flattering lighting then they receive a final polish in post-processing.
Rachel can remove scars/blemishes and most tattoos on request, just ask.

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