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At Johanna Elizabeth, we encourage our lovely photographers to enjoy a session with us.
This means they can truly appreciate the preparation you put in, the nerves and the excitement that builds before you see us!

That said, it was the very lovely Emily’s time to shine… That long mane of hair trussed into the softest of curls, those beautiful brown eyes and loveliest of skin made up to perfection… with her curves and such pretty features, who better to embrace the Johanna Elizabeth Experience for you and embrace it she did…

Here, in her own words is Emily’s story.

Emily Boudoir Shoot Nervous
Emily going into make-up with the lovely Miriam

When Jo first told me I was to have my Boudoir Shoot, I knew it would be the best experience of my life, I really wanted that confidence boost like all the ladies that I photograph. I did think “How hard could it be? It’s my job” but even knowing what to expect during the experience still didn’t fully prepare me for the nerves that I would feel.

Makeover Boudoir Gorgeous Hair and Make-up
Transformation in progress



In the lead up to my shoot I panic as I thought of all the things I needed to prepare like my hair, nails, sorting out outfits. I get everything ready the night before, but my nerves get the better of me and for a moment I start throwing all my lingerie in my bag, but came to my senses as I knew deep down that the outfits I was bringing to my shoot were right. I’d tried them on umpteen times, they fitted me beautifully and I felt awesome in them.

Smoky eye, red corset, Boudoir Natural daylight
Transformation complete!



My shoot was in the afternoon so I declined a big lunch, instead choosing something light to ensure I had the energy to be put through my paces as I knew the shoot would be a little physical!

After waiting nervously at home trying and failing to distract myself from what I was about to do, I was excited to finally get into the studio, being greeted by the lovely ladies that I work with. The girls were so encouraging and we couldn’t wait to get started.

Chaise Boudoir Hair Stockings
Simply Chaise

I told them that I was up to push myself completely out of my comfort zone and I wanted to try some more intimate shots. Before I knew it my make-up was under way and I began to relax and enjoy being pampered, the team were fabulous as they distracted me, making me laugh and the time flew by. Miriam gave me gorgeous dramatic smoky eyes to match my outfits. I’m always amazed at how they make it look so easy, which I know from many failed attempts at doing smoky eyes at home, it definitely is not!

Photographer Boudoir Bed Natural Daylight Voluptuous hair
Natural Daylight in the Boudoir Suite

Confession time, I didn’t realise what we put you ladies through. I’ve realised the effects of us photographers telling you to push those boobs up and bum out while arching your back… it really is painful after an hour of doing it.

My whole body hurt for at least three days after, my boyfriend didn’t know that I did the shoot so I spent the weekend hiding the fact that it hurt every time I sat up straight!

Arty Bed Cheeky Legs Boudoir
All in a day’s work

Again, the team were fantastic, they were so patient with me and there was a whole lot of giggling, particularly when Katie was posing me in the most extraordinary positions, definitely not your typical day at the office.

Like all you ladies I was nervous and excited to see how the photos had turned out.


I was also worried that I wouldn’t look as sexy as I was hoping I would, but looking at the final images after the clever retouching, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I sat there looking at the screen in awe of them.

I can’t describe how incredibly chuffed I was and how proud I am that I’m part of this unique and wonderful team of ladies.

Tunnel Stockings Shoes Red
Tunnel Love

I am so glad that I had the opportunity to do it, it really has boosted my confidence and each time I look at the photos I see a whole new side of me, I feel more empowered than ever before and it’s all thanks to The Team .

Johanna Elizabeth has definitely released the goddess in me!

Love Emily


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