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We recently asked four empowered ladies – some of our wonderful clients – to think about what they would say to their 18-year-old selves to boost their confidence if they had the chance.

With age, we mature and grow into wonderful women. Even though we are older, wiser and more empowered than ever though, it can still be easy to forget our true value.

When life takes a difficult turn, our confidence can be knocked and our sense of self-worth may take a nosedive.

The new ‘Note to Self’ Series

We’ve collated their words of wisdom into a ‘Note to Self’ e-book and, in this new blog series, we’ll be sharing the stories in the hope that they inspire you.

Since their teens, these ladies have lived, loved and learnt so much. We felt that we could all benefit from their experiences and advice.

In this final edition of the ‘Note to Self’ series, the empowered ladies are Jane, Laura, Su and Hannah. Ladies, you are all incredible!

Four empowered ladies share their wisdom

Jane’s ‘Note to Self’…

Dear Jane, I just want you to know that you have the real potential to be anything you want and do anything you like!

You may not believe me BUT if you really want something enough, there’s always a way of achieving it. It may take hard work and patience, but it will be worth it!

Jane's younger self

Have faith in yourself and your decisions, even bad decisions teach us things and are usually memorable lessons.

Please don’t ever think you are not good enough. Don’t try to emulate others, you are a unique beautiful soul and it’s all going to work out just fine.

Note to Self Series portrait

42 years on from this photo, I hit 60 and I’ve finally realised I am enough.

My unique character has lots of positives. I care … A LOT! I empathise a LOT and I’m focused on never judging anyone I meet based on their appearance.

We are all beautiful and worthy and my shoot with Jo and her amazing team made me realise this more than ever and have given me a gorgeous set of photos that I will treasure forever x

Laura’s ‘Note to Self’…

“Dear Laura, You are beautiful and you are loved. You may not think that’s true right now, but it won’t be long until you realise how awesome you are.

I know the bullies made your life hell, but they’re gone now and they’re never coming back. You beat them because you are strong, even when you feel weak.

Laura at 18

It’s true that we’re only (physically) young once. Don’t be afraid to wear that bikini; you don’t need a flat stomach. No one on the beach is looking at you – trust me! You’ll only regret not having the confidence to be yourself.

I’m pleased to tell you you’ll get better with age, so don’t fear getting older. Yes, you’ll get lines, but laughter lines! The sign of a happy life – it’s a fair exchange.

Confident woman laying on bed

You’ll have times where you doubt yourself. Times where you look in the mirror and feel disappointed with the way you look.

But always remember that you are enough, you are strong, and tomorrow will be better. keeps getting better. So hold on. Love, Laura x

Su’s ‘Note to Self’…

Have confidence in who you are.

You know your own worth so don’t let other people’s judgement of you affect you.

Su ay 18 years old

Don’t be shy in showing who you are, others will like or dislike you whatever.

Confident empowered ladies share their top tips

Hannah’s ‘Note to Self’…

Dear 2011 Hannah, It’s me, your future self. I have a couple of things I want to remind you of.

You’re amazing at acting confident, keep that up and you’ll start to believe it.

Don’t be scared to be vulnerable, let people see the real you, say “no” to the things that cause that heavy knot in your stomach, the people and things that are worth your love and time will respect that.

18 year old Hannah

Look at yourself. Really look. Dance in front of the mirror, you are beautiful and believe me, mum and dad are not the only other people who think that.

You don’t have to be hairless. Your worth is not determined by the people you date, don’t disappear into them, they want to date you not a copycat of themselves.

You will fall down the stairs in a couple of years and forever after have a lump on your bum. You will honestly grow to love this more than any part of your body, it has a story and people don’t notice it until you point it out.

Note to Self Series

Your body is so magnificently strong, don’t smirk but it will one day run marathons. Start noticing all the incredible things it can do now, your mental health will thank you.

Most importantly Hannah, enjoy your time alone, it’s where you will grow the most.

I love you, keep going. Small steps will lead to great things. From, 28 year old you.

Empowered ladies, thank you all!

What you have shared with us is so honest and uplifting. We really appreciate you!

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Love Johanna, Ange & Evie


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