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Do you love what you’ve seen of our new Eternal Angel portraits? Are you considering booking a session yourself?

If so, here’s a few ways to tell whether an Eternal Angel portrait session could be right for you.

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Should you book an Eternal Angel portrait session?

  1. You love being among the first to try new things

The Eternal Angel sessions are newly launched, and we are the only photography studio in the UK to have these stunning angel wings. So, if you get a kick from being one of the first in line, them get in touch.

You could be one of the first women in the country to enjoy an Eternal Angel photoshoot and experience the ethereal beauty of these stunning feathered angel wings for yourself.

Eternal Angel portrait session

  1. You rocked your boudoir session and would love to do it again!

If you had an absolute blast during your boudoir session – whether it was recent or a few years ago – an Eternal Angel portrait session could be perfect for you.

Many of our ladies love their first photoshoot experience so much that they tell us that they don’t want it to end. If this was how you felt about yours, then why not come and treat yourself once again to some well-deserved pampering in our boudoir?

While an Eternal Angel session is not the same as a boudoir session, it’ll be just as much fun and will give you that same feeling of empowerment that you loved.

The new Angel wings add a further exciting dimension to the shoot and leave you feeling divine!

Eternal Angel portrait session by Johanna Elizabeth

  1. You’re ready for the next level of portrait photography

We say to all the ladies who are interested in an Eternal Angel shoot that this is NOT for women who are looking for a confidence boost. This is for women who want to celebrate and are looking to create artwork in an even bigger way!

So, if you’re feeling bold, brave and beautiful and are ready to create some truly dramatic images, this unique portrait session could be for you!

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Woman in white lingerie during Eternal Angel portrait session

  1. You want a stunning piece of wall art for your home

A final reason why women choose an Eternal Angel portrait session over a tradition boudoir shoot is that they like the idea of being immortalised into a stunning and timeless work of art.

Perhaps you have a certain area in your home that is crying out for a sensational statement piece? Perhaps you’ve had a life-changing experience recently and want to capture your incredible strength and femininity in truly unforgettable style?

The radiantly beautiful photographs we create during an Eternal Angel photoshoot have an ethereal, other-worldly feel and would look stunning as a focal point in your home.

Eternal Angel portrait session at Johanna Elizabeth

Contact us about your Eternal Angel portrait session

We’d love to hear from you if you are interested in our Eternal Angel photoshoots. Please contact us and one of the team will get back in touch to tell you more about these wonderfully-liberating sessions.

Love Jo & Team JE






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