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‘Eternal Angel’

We are proud to introduce to the UK, a new and exciting photoshoot experience.
Stepping out and up in these stunning angel wings, we encourage you to discover an ethereal beauty, often hidden within.

Let us immortalise you as a work of art….

Our Mission…

…is to have you leaving us feeling empowered and full of new found, polished confidence.
Trust in our ALL-FEMALE TEAM to bring out your ‘Eternal Angel’, as we capture your strength and femininity in truly unforgettable style.

Enjoy a luxury experience, with styling advice, professional hairstyling, a 1:1 makeup tutorial, and full posing guidance.
We have looked after 6,000 women. So you know you’re in the right hands.

We will help guide you through from your personal ‘Design Consultation’ to displaying your beautiful portrait collection and hanging your incredible wallart.

As soon as those wings are on you feel like you could do anything. It’s incredibly empowering 💜 - Rosie
Portrait photography for women
Angel wings portrait photography
Eternal Angel portrait session by Johanna Elizabeth
Angel wings photography for women

Eternal Angel Photo Shoot

  • Design Consultation
  • Photoshoot with Johanna
  • All Female Team
  • Professional Hair and Makeup
  • Posing Guidance
  • Refreshments
  • Full Retouching Service
  • Empowering Reveal & Order Session (portraits are not included)


Wow, talk about a once in a lifetime experience! An eternal angel shoot is truly like no other.

From the very start it’s a whole different vibe from a boudoir shoot – less about natural shots and more about creating art with your body.

The wings themselves are so beautiful, and really make you feel otherworldly, which makes the whole shoot feel truly special, and the images that come from it are breathtaking. If you’ve ever wanted to see yourself as a supernatural being, or a beautiful statue, or a famous piece of art then this is the shoot for you!

The real beauty as well is from the feeling of the shoot itself – Johanna and her whole team are so incredibly talented, and make you feel so comfortable and happy that the whole day feels like a proper treat, almost like some kind of celebrity experience or spa day! I would wholeheartedly recommend this to anybody who wants to take their shoot experience to the next level, and really create some one off pieces of art, with the main subject being simply YOU!

Lucy x

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