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About me


I’m 43 and have a very understanding, heroic hubby, two crazy daughters and a nutty frenchie called Monty.

I walked away from a 15 yr long career as a high-risk midwife in the NHS, because I picked up a camera and fell in love.
Self taught, I don’t pretend to be the most technical shooter, but I’m passionate and know my stuff.
I have grown the most incredible business over 10 years and opened my first studio in 2010.

Looking back now, I know I had no idea…but a definite goal.
My business plan was amazing to me. I still have it, it’s so cute!

I’d found the premises I wanted, in a high end UK market town. 3 derelict floors and I only had plans for the ground floor to start.
I carried that business plan, suited and booted to 3 different banks and one said that they’d lend me money to get started.
Only £10k but I blagged it, stretched it and got going.

I shot families and signed up to buy leads from gift experience companies. They asked me did I do makeovers and boudoir?
I said YEP!
I didn’t, it was a fib.
I ran to the second hand shop, bought a bed and a chandelier. With the help of friends I created makeover and boudoir rooms upstairs and a dressing room within a couple of weeks.

Around this time, Groupon was BIG, I opted in and our first few gained us hundreds of new clients.

All through this it was a numbers game. Some bought, some didn’t. Some were amazing people, some weren’t so much (I now know why – ALL my fault).
As a team, we really did meet everyone, experienced every joy and objection.
However, I was unhappy.

My clients deserved better, as a team we deserved better.
It was niggling me.
I wanted to rise up and create the perfect business, an awesome client experience… I knew we had something very special, our reviews showed this.

Around 2014, I discovered a new business model and it changed our game for the better. With this new education under my belt, combined with my own experience and the slow development of ‘Your Journey’™️ I’ve created a very successful studio business model, that I can share with you.

I never stop learning and exploring new and innovative ways, with many other mentors and educators across the world. It really is an honour to implement their teachings and pass on the knowledge to you.