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Here at Johanna Elizabeth, we find inspirational quotes so uplifting and we know you do too. They’re so empowering, aren’t they?

Which is why we’ve created you a fabulous collection of FREE inspirational phone backgrounds featuring some of our favourite confidence-boosting quotes.

Get your free inspirational phone backgrounds today

If you love the idea of having stylish inspirational quotes on your phone, simply enter your details in the form below to subscribe.

You’ll then receive instant access to all 20 of the beautiful phone backgrounds our designer has created exclusively for you. They are yours with our compliments!

There are many different styles and inspirational quotes to choose from.

Select which one(s) you like the most and download them to your phone’s camera roll, then set at your background image.

Or feel free to grab all of them if you wish and update your phone background regularly!

Free inspirational phone backgrounds

Which of our free inspirational phone backgrounds is your favourite?

Once you’ve chosen and downloaded your favourite, we’d love to know which one you’ve selected. Comment below to let us know, or why not share a screenshot of your phone with us on Facebook?

Don’t forget to enter your details below to grab the free inspirational phone backgrounds!

Love Johanna & Team JE


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