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We recently had a Team night out…to see Take That!
Oh the boys were awesome, the hotel was lush and the chance to get away for the first time since baby no.2… was golden.
Now, if that wasn’t exciting enough, hubby had booked me into have my lovely boobs ‘the girls’ measured and bras fitted the next day.
No, not at boring old M&S, but at RIGBY AND PELLER in Kings Rd, in the big smoke. Eeek!

I’d not long finished feeding baby no.2 and my fabulous boobs weren’t the same and in need of some ‘me time’.

Having only ever been to M&S for fittings and stayed faithful to their brand, I was inspired by clients mentioning that there ARE other places to go?! I googled it and knew we needed (just this once) to make this a special occasion, an event.
These ‘girls’ had been heroic in their service to our babies and deserved the very best!

On arrival, we were welcomed with a nice cuppa.


Hubby was ensconced in a cosy and beautiful waiting area and I was led into a booth.

Oh my gosh…..the bras! I had no idea there could be so many choices!



The detail on these bras were stunning, phenomenal….gorgeous!

My fitter was lovely. Polite and gentle, she got to know me and ‘the girls’ very fast.
She quickly ascertained that I was in the wrong size, a very wrong size.
50+ (felt like) bras were fitted. Nothing quite right….until WOW.
I had the ‘bridal dress moment’.
The last bra, was the one. The holy grail of all bras.
I now have it in 2 colours and here is a very brave image for you 😉

IMG_9157 edited - Copy

So, I went in just wanting a well fitting bra and to experience purchasing something very special, no matter the cost.
However I also learnt 3 valuable things.
1. Your body and boob shape lends itself to only one ‘style’ of bra. I’m a balconette.
2. You must never put a bra in the washing machine. I now have a lovely bottle of ‘soak’ so I can keep them fresh and loved.
3. A correct bra size AND shape are vital. I looked like I was a dress size smaller, and my boobs are mine again, you can’t put a price on that!


If you are visiting us for a session, if you’re planning and selecting your lingerie sets. I strongly recommend you visit a lingerie boutique for a very, very vital fitting!

Love Jo

1 thought on “Get those boobies measured professionally!

  1. Wow! Loved the photo images and found this blog very inspirational! Like yourself I have stayed faithful to M&S as it is available on the high street. When I next have some extra money to treat myself I may well take a leaf out of your blog!

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