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It’s easy to get stuck in a rut with your hair and makeup routine and end up never trying anything new.

If you’re currently lacking inspiration for your hair and makeup, then keep reading. In this article, we’re sharing a round-up of some brilliant hair and makeup tutorial videos.

These have been created especially for you by our super-talented in-house hair and makeup stylist, Evie.

Evie, hair and makeup stylist at Johanna Elizabeth

Hair and makeup tips from our in-house beauty stylist

Whatever your age, skin or hair type, these expert hair and makeup tips that Evie’s sharing over on our Instagram and YouTube will be sure to inspire you.

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Evie’s video tutorials are quick and easy to follow along with. You’ll be sure to pick up lots of new hair and makeup tips and tricks!

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Hair and makeup tutorials from Johanna Elizabeth

A round-up of Evie’s expert makeup and hair tutorials

1. How to apply bronzer, blusher and highlighter

In this video, Evie demonstrates how to artfully apply bronzer, blusher and highlighters to areas of the face where the sun would naturally fall to create a natural look.

She uses products from Charlotte Tilbury Makeup and Bobbi Brown.

Watch the tutorial in full on Instagram.

2. How to create ‘Mermaid Waves’

Who knew a hair straightening tool could be so versatile?!

In this video, Evie cleverly creates soft, wavy hair using a simple technique that takes literally minutes!

Watch the tutorial in full on Instagram or on YouTube.

Smiling happy young woman

3. Eye makeup tips for hooded eyes

Ladies of a certain age will appreciate this one! Making your eyes dazzle through the clever use of makeup is what Evie is brilliant at.

Take a look at the video to get her top eye makeup tips including how to brighten and open up the eye, and how to create the appearance of a thicker lash line.

She uses products from NARS, Charlotte Tilbury Makeup, By Terry and Zoeva Cosmetics.

Watch the tutorial in full on Instagram or on YouTube.

Beautiful woman in black lace lingerie

4. How to apply a bold lip

Evie demonstrates in this video how she creates a well-defined and bold red lip that would literally turn heads!

She uses lip liner, lipstick and concealer from Mac and Bobbi Brown.

Watch the tutorial in full on Instagram or on YouTube.

5. How to use different foundation brushes

If you’re confused about which type of brushes to use and how to use them, then this video is for you!

Evie explains how to correctly use a variety of brushes to create different looks and coverage levels.

In her makeup toolkit is a flat foundation brush, and a ‘stippling’ brush and a ‘buffing’ brush, both by Real Techniques.  She also uses sheer glow foundation in Stromboli by Narsissist.

Watch the tutorial in full on Instagram.

Happy woman smiling with eyes closed and head back

6. Undereye corrector and concealer

In this makeup tutorial, Evie demonstrates how to correctly apply concealer to the delicate area under the eyes.

She shares tips on how to choose the right colour product to complement that of your foundation and demonstrates how to blend and set the look.

In this video, Evie uses products including light bisque corrector and ‘Sand’ concealer by Bobbi Brown, and translucent powder by Laura Mercier, as well as brushes by Real Techniques and Mua Cosmetics.

Watch the tutorial in full on Instagram or on YouTube.

Hair and makeup tutorials on Instagram to try out today!

If you’ve been using the same old hair and makeup products that you were decades ago, or would just love to feel more confident when applying makeup and styling your hair, then don’t miss Evie’s videos.

Thanks to these quick and easy tutorials, you’ll know how to do makeup and hair that will give you a fresh look and a welcome confidence boost.

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Loved these hair and makeup tutorials? There’s plenty more where they came from! View them all here on Instagram Reels or YouTube

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Remember, it’s Evie who styles all of the ladies who come to us for a boudoir or beauty photoshoot.* She’s a very experienced hair and makeup artist and knows what works for photoshoots in the boudoir as well as for everyday wear.

This round-up includes just some of her very best tips, shared with our compliments.

What other hair and makeup tutorials should we create?

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We’d also love to have your suggestions for what else we can cover in future videos. Be sure to let us know by commenting on the posts.

Thanks, and enjoy!

Love Johanna, Ange & Evie,


*On very rare occasions Evie may not be available, and in these circumstances, we work with other trusted makeup artists who have been handpicked by Evie and are among the best in the industry.

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