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Bonnie’s Halloween boudoir story, in her own words

“I realised, after the last lockdown, that I’d let life’s little insecurities get right under my skin.
I wasn’t sure how to find the boost I knew I needed, so I just searched on Google for some ideas, and I found Johanna Elizabeth!

Could this be just what I was looking for?
It looked like an experience with this all-female team could be totally fibulous!

So, I booked in!

First my consultation. I was worried they’d see straight through me, but Ange was lovely.
Chatting with her about my dreams and planning the shoot really tickled my funny bone.

I felt before, like I might not have the guts to do it, but once our chat was done, I felt empowered and felt in my bones that my shoot was going to be a huge success!

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Halloween Boudoir Shoot Day

On the day, I was a little bone tired, however, Johanna’s infectious enthusiasm and my beautiful pamper session soon had me excited to crack on with the shoot.

Boy, did they put me through my paces!

I felt incredible! Beautiful!

Seriously, look at this gown… it’s to die for!

There was a moment I realised I really was bone to be wild!

So, today was my Halloween BOOdoir reveal session

I felt sick with nerves, what was I going to see?

No need to worry, after feeling dead inside for so long, I was stunned.
Honestly, the boneyscape shots were INCREDIBLE!
I’m now officially in LOVE with my seatbones…

I’m sure you agree, a star is bone!

Finally, I can see me again, the person I’d long forgotten.
I’m here, I’m proud and so very happy! Thank you Johanna Elizabeth.

Happy Halloween!



If YOU would love to join us in the incredible feeling, contact us here to take that exciting first step on your journey with Johanna Elizabeth.
Remember ladies… if you’ve got it, HAUNT it!

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