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When was the last time you thought about headshots for your business profile?

Thinking about personal branding and figuring what type of tone you want to express online is an important factor to your business. That’s why finding the right photographers in Hampshire can enhance your business profile with a professional headshot.

Last year, I recognised I needed a portrait session, as being the Rare Moment Boss I wanted to convey what we did through my headshot and make sure it looked professional. It can be a little daunting, as I frantically thought, “What to wear? What to do?!”, but I’m pleased with my LinkedIn headshot (check it out!), where I created a modern, fresh and professional image that I hope reflects Rare Moments and our message.

The team at Rare Moments are proud to be some of the best photographers in the Hampshire and are able to help you get your desired message across by collaborating with you and your ideas. My team and I will help you perfect your image, as our three-hour session will include hair and make-up by our professional make-up artist, so you can show off your professional prowess and ooze confidence!

Photographers in Hampshire That Will Give You Professionalism!

Recently, the team and I helped Kate Abbott, who has started her own business, which offers career consultation and high quality CV writing.


Here is what she has to say about her personal branding and finding the right photographers in Hampshire to help with her headshots:

“The reason people come to me for help (typically: job hunters, business owners, networkers and online-daters) is that many people find it difficult to identify and communicate what they are great at and what great people they are. When I write professional or online dating profiles, CVs and Bios, we go on a journey together…a process of self-discovery that results in increased confidence, self-awareness, self-esteem and self-belief and ultimately better opportunities.

“I left corporate consultancy to offer a personalised service that would make the onerous task of writing about yourself fun and rewarding in so many more ways than just getting good quality marketing material.


“I chose Rare Moments for my personal branding as I recognised a synergy in our aim to enrich the whole person not just provide a product/service. I see Rare Moments as modern, fresh, sensitive to their customer needs and desires, experts in making people feel special and bringing the best out of people and bringing that into their images. RM has a unique approach and really value each individual. They go to great lengths to make sure the experience is comfortable, fun and feels fabulous. For those of us who will likely never be a celeb, I reckon a session at RM is what stardom must feel like!

“I feel we share in our aim to enhance lives through boosting confidence. I wanted more than just a LinkedIn headshot. I chose Rare Moments as THE team to help me achieve a professional, fresh, fun, energised portfolio of images that reflect my customers and their different personal branding requirements.”

Thanks for sharing, Kate. I LOVE your images and believe they demonstrate your professional expertise!

So, why not invest in yourself? Not only will this photography session give you the edge and demonstrate the metamorphosis you’ve taken in your career, but it’s also a fun experience to be had where you can enjoy a bit of “me time”—because who doesn’t love a bit of pampering?


If you’re interested in having a portrait session, get in touch at our Rare Moments studio. I will be happy to have a chat and give you some guidance about the best look for your brand.

Love from,
Jo ~x~

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