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Ladies, today we have a question for you. Are you looking after yourself right now? Are you doing enough to maintain a healthy mind and body?

Or, are you:

  • putting yourself last on the priority list?
  • focusing on the needs of everyone else above your own needs?
  • juggling a crazy number of things are barely managing to survive the day?

If so, we get it! We’ve all been guilty of trying to be a super-woman.

Give us a task (or several) and we’ll embrace the challenge with open arms and work our damned hardest to get it done! After all, we are powerful, determined women and we can achieve anything we set our minds to!

Self-care isn’t selfish

However, it’s not healthy if we’re taking on too much or putting ourselves under so much pressure that we feel like we’re about to break down.

We all have our limits, and if you’re teetering dangerously close to the edge of yours, read on.

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Tips for a healthy mind and body

In today’s blog, we are sharing some essential self-care tips for women.

1. Carve out time for yourself

As you know, we’re self-care advocates. We are passionate about helping women like you put yourself first and to feel good – not guilty – about doing so.

In our opinion, making time for yourself is a big part of any self-respecting woman’s self-care routine. So, if you aren’t carving out even just 30 minutes per day for yourself, then this is something you could aim to work on.

Remember, it’s not selfish to want time on your own, time to focus on your own priorities (whatever they may be), and time to refresh and replenish yourself. You can’t pour from an empty cup after all!

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2. Spend time outside

Spending time outside, in nature, is also a great way to boost your mood and to keep your mind and body healthy.

Fresh air can work wonders! It could be just the thing you need if you’re feeling tired or sluggish.

A mindful walk, noticing little things such as the way the leaves move in the breeze and listening to the birds singing, is both relaxing and good for the soul!

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3. Connect with others

Connecting with others is important for your mental health.

There’s nothing we love more than a good old-fashioned chin-wag and catch up with our loved ones.

If you’ve not had a phone or video call with your friends or family recently, get in touch with them to get something organised. You’ll be so glad you did!

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4. Delegate

Finally, to maintain a healthy mind and body, we recommend that you regularly assess what you’ve got on your plate and see if you can delegate more to others.

  • At home, could your partner or children take on more of the household chores to help you out?
  • At work, are you taking on too much responsibility?
  • Could you reduce the number of tasks on your daily to-do list by only prioritising the essential activities rather than trying to do everything?

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Self-care tips for a healthy mind and body

If you’re struggling to hold it all together, whether it’s due to the pressures of lockdown, difficult or broken relationships, money or work pressures, health issues or something else entirely, we hope these self-care tips have helped in some small way.

YOU are important, and you need to make caring for yourself a priority! If you’re ready for a new approach, use these tips we’ve shared to develop a healthy mind and body this year.

Remember, you’re worth it!

Love Johanna & Team JE x

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