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Once you’ve booked the date for your photoshoot, we highly recommend that you begin making preparations for the day! Even if you’re not coming to us until a few months from now, we assure you that your time will soon come around.

We say to our boudoir clients that “preparation is key”, and it’s always proven to be true!

The ladies who diligently follow our advice on how to prepare for a boudoir photography session are always the ones who get the most out of their experience, and we want that for you too!

After all, this is potentially a once-in-a-lifetime event (unless you end up coming back for more, as many ladies do!). We want you to love every moment.

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How should you prepare for a boudoir shoot?

Read on for how we suggest you prepare for a boudoir photography session with us.

There’s no need to take notes though. In addition to the tips we’re sharing here, you’ll also receive this information within a beautiful preparation guide when you book, and we discuss it in detail during your Design Consultation.

Rest assured, we’ll ensure that you’re fully up to speed on how to get the most from your portrait session well in advance of the day of your shoot.

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How to prepare for a boudoir photography session: A suggested timeline

Soon after booking

  • Browse our website and be inspired by examples of portraits we have created for other ladies. Start to consider which poses you might like us to create for you
  • Start a Pinterest board (repining from our ‘Inspiration’ board) to collate your ideas
  • Go shopping for lingerie and clothing you plan to wear during your session. Don’t forget to consider heels and accessories too!

In the weeks before your shoot

  • If you’re planning on a haircut or colour have this done now or, at the very least, give yourself a few days to make sure you’re happy with it

3-5 days before your shoot

  • If you wax, do it a few days prior to the session
  • Do you want to groom your brows etc?
  • If wanted, have a manicure and pedicure
  • Stay out of the sun and avoid fake tan
  • Lower your salt intake if you’re worried about retaining water
  • Try on your lingerie to make sure it’s camera-ready, and remove any tags and labels
  • Invest in false eyelashes if you’re like a more defined eye makeup look

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Woman wearing pink ruffle dress and heels holding a wine glass

The day before your shoot

  • Revisit your Pinterest board and make sure it’s complete
  • Shave and moisturise
  • Pack your bag, including a drink and a snack
  • Don’t forget your props and accessories
  • Wash and blow-dry your hair
  • Remind yourself of your favourite inspirational quotes or read an empowering book to get yourself in the right mindset
  • Get an early night!

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The day of your shoot

  • Eat a good breakfast (even if you’re having a morning shoot, this is important so that you don’t feel faint)
  • Use clear deodorant and do not apply body moisturiser
  • Wear loose-fitting clothing to your session to avoid getting marks on your skin
  • Give yourself enough time to arrive in town and to relax before your session
  • Eat something light but filling just before you arrive.

It’s now time to start preparing for your boudoir photography session!

We hope that the timeline and checklist above has helped you to appreciate what preparation you can be doing.

Now you know how to prepare for a boudoir photography session, please do ensure that you allocate time to get all these things done and ticked off your list.

As we’ve said already, the ladies who prepare thoroughly are the ones who rock their boudoir sessions and enjoy it the most.

Blonde woman wearing lingerie laying on a bed with arms above her head

What to expect from your boudoir session

As well as knowing how to prepare, you’ll naturally want to know what to expect during a boudoir session.  To get more of an idea, read some of the other articles and client stories here on our website. Or visit our boudoir Facebook page where previous clients have shared their experiences.

Please be assured that if you feel nervous on the day, after the first few clicks of the camera and some gentle encouragement, you’ll soon start to relax.

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An empowering boudoir experience

One thing you need to know is that I have a sixth sense about when clients feel vulnerable, and I know exactly how to make everything perfect.

Some clients will prefer to stay mostly under a sheet or robe, and some are daring enough to go more risqué. I’m led by you! There is nothing to worry about or to fear.

The whole journey will simply be an exhilarating, empowering experience!

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Contact us to book your boudoir photography session

If you’ve yet to book your portrait session, the team here at our specialist boudoir studio in Havant, Hampshire look forward to taking your call! Contact us whenever you’re ready.

Love Johanna, Ange & Rachel


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