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A bit of fun during lockdown!

Six weeks into the Coronavirus lockdown, I sensed that my amazing clients needed a little pick-me-up.

So, I challenged these incredible women to create a daring short movie of themselves at home – a fun transformation from casual to a glamorous, boudoir-style attitude!

Knowing how much the ladies enjoyed their professional boudoir photoshoot at our Hampshire-based photography studio previously, I hoped that the challenge would lift their spirits and create an opportunity for them to rediscover their ‘inner goddess’ during lockdown.

Inspiring women around the world

The individual clips submitted by everyone who took up the challenge have now been amalgamated into an uplifting six-minute video which has been published publicly with the intention of inspiring women all around the world.

All those who took part are members of our incredible ‘Bold, Brave and Beautiful’ Facebook group which is a private forum which sets out to encourage women to celebrate their ‘inner goddess’.

In our video, 16 women (and one cheeky interloper) can be seen transforming themselves out of their casual attire into their favourite lingerie.

The women who’ve taken part are all superstars!

They have absolutely loved the opportunity to have some fun during lockdown and were so up for the challenge. They’ve told me that they really enjoyed having the excuse to get dressed up and have a confidence-boosting shimmy in front of the camera.

Incredible, confident women having fun!

This is not about dressing up for other people – all the women have done this for themselves, and the confidence they exude in the videos shows how much they enjoyed it! We hope that it’ll inspire other women to take more time to do whatever makes them feel good.


Jo, Ange & Rachel,


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