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As women, we usually put the needs of others before ourselves. The kids, the partner, our parents, siblings, friends and even the dog are often higher up in the pecking order than we are!

We can be guilty of not prioritising our own needs or investing in ourselves. Yet it is essential to take time out, to treat yourself occasionally and remember that YOU are important too!

A reminder to put yourself first more often

Here at Johanna Elizabeth, we believe we women should be a little more selfish and feel able to put ourselves first more often. After all, you deserve it!

You should be able to:

  • prioritise your me-time and catchups with friends,
  • take some time out from family commitments to go shopping if that’s something you love to do (and we don’t mean to Waitrose!)
  • and do all those other things you love – hobbies, exercise etc. – without feeling guilty.

Let’s be real. Taking care of yourself is not only important, it’s essential for your health and happiness. As the saying goes, you cannot pour from an empty cup!

In our opinion, if you prioritise yourself and invest in your self-worth, that will always be time, effort and money well spent.

Smiling woman with blue and pink tinted hair

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It’s so important to exist in photos

One way that you can invest in your self-worth is to ensure that you exist in photos.

Unless you have a partner or child who is keen on photography, chances are you’re the one who takes the majority of the family photos. You don’t often feature in them yourself.

Or, perhaps you lack confidence and deliberately shy away from being in front of the camera? You tell yourself that you need to lose weight first, buy new clothes, have a haircut or put more makeup on first?

Sound familiar? Well, if this is the case, we’d love for you to recognise the importance of featuring in photos.

Beautiful woman in black lace lingerie

No matter how you look or how old you are, being in photographs allows you to see and experience your beauty.

Yes, you ARE enough right now!

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Celebrate yourself and invest in your self-worth

Another reason to exist in photos more is that in years to come, your loved ones will want to be able to look back on photographs of you and say: “This was my mum when she was 40” or “This was my sister. Look how gorgeous she was!”

It would be a terrible shame if there were so few photos of you for them to experience and enjoy. So, ladies, please #ExistInPhotos.

Photos will outlive us all and become ever more valuable to you and your family as time passes.

Woman laughing

Photographs that celebrate you

Portraits are also incredibly powerful in that they can bring back positive memories and make you feel good. In fact, a recent study has revealed that reminiscing over old photos is one thing that makes Brits feel happier.

By simply looking back at photographs in which you’re happy and relaxed, you can also be transported back to that time and place where the photo was captured.

So, photos help you to relive those happy moments again. Sounds good to us!

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Professional women’s photoshoots

Professional portraits are a particularly savvy investment.

If you choose us as your portrait photographer, you’ll come away with high-quality photos of yourself that will boost your confidence and will forever remind you of an incredible photoshoot experience.

We use the word experience because coming to us for a photoshoot isn’t just a day. It is a journey. We are in touch with you from the moment you decide on a photoshoot to the emotional reveal session at the end and sometimes beyond.

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Woman with long blonde hair looking at the camera

As a leading UK specialist in women’s photoshoots – in beauty and boudoir photography specifically – we’ve worked with more than 6000 women to date.

Trust in us, and our tried-and-tested process, for creating uplifting, body-positive portraits that celebrate you as you are right now.

Our empowering photography experiences put you in the spotlight for once. We can help you exist in photographs and feel good about yourself.

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Invest in your self-worth and celebrate your beauty

You ARE important and you deserve to be celebrated. So, go on! Let yourself be the star for once. Enquire about our life-changing photo sessions today.

We are an open book and are always happy to answer any questions you may have. We hope to see you in the studio soon.

Love Johanna, Ange & Rachel


1 thought on “It’s time to invest in your self-worth and exist in photos

  1. Someone way more clever than me said:
    “You need to love yourself first before you can truly love others”
    It is OK to experience a little self-indulgence and be happy. It is like re-charging your batteries before you face the world and then share the love and happiness with everyone else.

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