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As a mother, it’s easy to splash the cash on my children as I love them so much! However, when it comes to spending money on myself, I will make excuses why I shouldn’t. Do you do the same? Why is it as women we’re always at the bottom of the shopping list, as we believe we have to save that money for a “rainy day,” rather than investing into ourselves and our own self-worth?

The is one of the reasons we have evolved and grown the way it has… we believe we as women should be a little more selfish.
It’s funny how that word has so many negative connotations, but sometimes it’s important to be a little selfish, to think about you, rather than worry if everyone else is okay. As women, we are stereotypically the caregivers and often are concerned with others before ourselves, but it’s healthy to take time out and treat yourself.  That is why the team and I are here to help you celebrate yourself and your accomplishments, whether it’s earning that promotion at work or taking a break from being a mother.

You need to look, see and experience your own beauty. Our loved ones want to be able to look back and say: “This was my mum when she was 40, this was my sister – look how gorgeous she is!” You should be celebrating your beauty, your womanhood. You are worth it. Photos of you can be there to look at and enjoyed. These portraits will outlive us all
#ExistInPhotos !

We are different, because we offer a pre-consultation before your photoshoot. Together with you, we plan the creation, the looks and the portraits.  There are no surprises. No hidden costs.  We remove all the doubts as nothing is secret! In our pre-consultations, you can learn exactly how the experience operates – we use the word experience, because it isn’t just a day. It is a journey. We are in touch with you from the moment you decide on a photoshoot to the emotional reveal session at the end and sometimes beyond!

We operate a fair referral system and we will always be open and honest about the cost of our services with you. We are here to give you a personable, empowering service, as we endeavour to create a positive, confident experience and this starts from the get-go.

We want you to #ExistInPhotos. You are important and your self-worth deserves to be celebrated, so your future generations can marvel at your beauty through timeless portraits that you have printed rather than millions of pics that you have stored in a forgotten corner of your old PC.

What exactly are you going to do with these images? Having these photographs in your hands will be a warm and constant reminder in your home of you felt that day, about how you felt in your skin and how you gave yourself the opportunity to celebrate your worth and beauty.

You will come away from an experience with us elated, not deflated! If you have any questions about our sessions, please get in touch with me or a member of my team today—we are an open book.

Go on – let yourself finally be the most beautiful woman in your life and invest in you!

Love from,
Jo ~x~



1 thought on “Invest In Your Self-Worth!

  1. Someone way more clever than me said:
    “You need to love yourself first before you can truly love others”
    It is OK to experience a little self-indulgence and be happy. It is like re-charging your batteries before you face the world and then share the love and happiness with everyone else.

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