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Welcome to our world.
Take a peak inside!

Meet The Team

Me - Jo


I believe your time with me and my team should be the most exhilarating, empowering experience.
From the first contact through to your emotional Reveal Session.

My attention to detail is ridiculous and I will not rest until I know you are 100% wowed.

I'm told that I'm the warmest, friendliest person you could hope to meet, although a zillion years in the NHS have created a very tough cookie.
(Apart from when someone is mean…. then I get all lip wobbly).

Johanna Elizabeth


Studio Manager

As a guiding hand when planning the photoshoot of your dreams, she keeps you calm when the nerves kick in and ensures everything runs as planned.
She gets so excited sharing the special transformations with you.
With us, Ange definitely feels like she has found her calling!

Johanna Elizabeth


Associate Photographer

When I'm overseas, the studio can't just stop creating awesome.
I need to know that my lovely clients can continue enjoying a PLATINUM service...

Katie has been instrumental in the last 6 years of photography in my studio. We love creating together.

Her amenable manner and chatty approach ensures you feel at home straight away with lots of giggles.

Johanna Elizabeth


Creative Wizard

Digital Artist extraordinaire, she expertly and lovingly retouches everything a little, creating the best portraits you’ve EVER seen of yourself.
Everyone should have a Rachel 😉