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 Here, we celebrate women, like you, who have used one of our sessions to find their self-confidence. We are incredibly excited to share September’s story from the gorgeous, Jo D’Arcy!

When reading her story, we were both hooked – and moved, as it is so relatable! Whether fighting battles in the workplace or berating ourselves because of our figure, we have definitely been there and commend Jo for her honesty.

We are incredibly proud to be introducing you to Jo and her boudoir journey…

Jo’s Story
“I wanted to say a huge thank you for the experience I have had in the last few weeks.

“I entered the competition on Facebook on a whim, it wasn’t even 7am on a Friday morning and I never thought for one moment I would be chosen. I can’t even remember what I said now, but I do know that my self-confidence and self-worth was very much rock bottom.

“Work is demanding and I am always having to fight battles, especially as I am a woman in a very dominated male environment. Trust me it isn’t all it’s cracked up to be! Even friends were trying to pigeonhole me into boxes because I didn’t necessarily conform to what they wanted. But most of all I was really cross with myself that I had put the weight back on I had lost. For every pound I had put back on I was slowly beating myself up about it all. I had really lost sight of me and looking in a mirror was not showing me what others were seeing.

Johanna Elizabeth

“To be chosen was like someone reminding me who I was. From the lovely phone call from Jo telling me that I had been chosen to meeting her at the pre-session chat, so I could see exactly what everything entailed. I felt like I was being treated as an individual. I left there with some lovely ideas, and once I started looking on Pinterest I found lots and lots that’s inspired me. I hate shopping, but embraced it all and tried lots of stuff on, sent lots back, but came up with some lovely pieces that I felt comfortable in, although stay up stockings NEVER stay up on me. I already had some items at home which I thought might be good.

“Luckily, I could borrow some shoes at the studio, as there was no way I could have even faced shoe shopping. I also liked the fact that you could bring some props to make the photos very individual and give an insight into my personality.

“For the whole time between the pre-session chat and the actual photos being taken I kept looking at my Pinterest board and ideas and thinking this isn’t me and I couldn’t possibly do it. But do it, I did.

Johanna Elizabeth

Johanna Elizabeth


“Everyone was so welcoming. I’ve never had my make-up done before, and Clare did a fab job. My only regret is I didn’t take a before and after photo. I had never seen myself like that – that was the first surprise of the evening! The second was Nicky, the photographer, put me at ease and I completely forgot that I was stood in my underwear having someone attach my stockings to the suspenders.

“The ideas and the photos kept coming and I have to confess that by the time I got to change into my third outfit, I certainly felt very liberated and empowered. Wednesday nights are normally spent at circuits, not posing with my legs in the air, but both are equally as challenging, though this was more fun.

“I cannot believe how much was packed into two hours of dedicated time to me. I came away feeling great and I had no idea what the photos were going to come out like. I was actually more nervous at the reveal than having the photos taken. I could have walked away and never seen them, so I could preserve the idea in my head of how I look. I am so glad I didn’t walk away.

Johanna Elizabeth


“Juilette was great and pointed me in the direction of the tissues as I really couldn’t believe what I saw. I can’t believe I cried. That was me, looking back at me, in a way I have never seen before. I loved all the photos and having to choose was tough, but I am really pleased with my selection. I keep looking at them and can’t quite believe that it’s me I’m looking at. The whole experience has been fantastic and the service has been wonderful. My self-confidence and worth has certainly gone up and I thank all of you lovely ladies for making that happen.

“I would recommend any woman taking the plunge and going through the whole experience. I guarantee that it is life enhancing. Everything is quite clear from the beginning and there is no pressure to do anything that you are not comfortable with and certainly no hard sell when it comes to buying the end product.

Johanna Elizabeth


“Thank you SO very much. I want to do it again…and that’s something I never dreamt I would say.

“I wasn’t sure how many people say anything afterwards and leave you wondering whether they had a great time. Writing to you directly was the very least I could do and more personal than a few words on Facebook.

“More fabulous things to surprise me and boost the self confidence from you lovely ladies!”

And thank YOU Jo, for sharing such a wonderful story that most women can relate to. We are in awe of the honesty within your letter and it brings a smile to our faces to see someone whose confidence has flourished.

If like Jo your self-confidence is stuck in rut, please get in touch with us. We are located in Havant and you are more than welcome to pop in if you have any enquiries! Of course, you can always send us a message on Facebook and a member of our team will be happy to get back to you.

Love from,

Jo & Team ~x~

1 thought on “Jo Finds Her Self-Confidence In Boudoir

  1. These photos are just so Amazing
    Well done to Jo, it makes me want to do it all again. The experience was such a confidence boost, and the R M team made me feel really special like it was the first time they’d ever done it. I have to look at my pics every few days just to remind me I actually Did it Every picture I see of all the lovely Ladies and their stories are just Stunning xx thankyou

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