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So, here we are 5 weeks in.
Have you gone mad yet? How are you all coping?

We are certainly in ‘the upside down’ and taking each day as it comes!
Thoughts are shifting towards ‘when’ and ‘how’ we will be able to reopen in the coming weeks.

Be reassured, that even with us squirreling away behind the scenes, we won’t open our doors until we feel its safe for us all to do so.

We may make a few changes in our practice, I know I can see lots of cleaning products, gloves and masks in our future! Might get some fancy ones…

Thank you to all of you still out there, engaging with us on social media, sharing our stuff – it means the world to us.

We’re thankful for our health and the stability of the studio before this hit – this means we are strong and raring to go!

If you’re out there, struggling, wishing for something magical, please DO join us in our VIP Facebook group for you ladies.
It’s a wonderful place to be.
We’re all in there supporting each other, drying tears and eliciting the most raucous giggles at times.
A weekly zoom get together is proving fun.
Click here and join us…‘I AM ENOUGH’ Johanna Elizabeth VIP Group

We simply miss you!

So, just checking in and sending you loads of love.
Keep safe, stay in.

Jo and Team JE

PS. Stay tuned for several insane announcements over the coming weeks.
(Just took delivery of the most beautiful prop today, all the way from the USA – top secret for now)

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