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At Johanna Elizabeth Boudoir studio, we’re constantly welcoming amazing women through our boudoir doors! We’ve wanted to share this journey for a while now, as we were really moved by Kay’s words and inspired by her and her boudoir transformation. THIS is why we do what we do…

Kay’s Foxy Boudoir Transformation…

“Just wanted to say a BIG thank you to you all. I’m still on a high after viewing my photo’s yesterday. I entered the competition never thinking for one minute I would win and when your email arrived saying I won I thought, “crap.”

You had to pin me down to book myself in. I had hope you forgot, no you phoned whilst I was out for lunch in the middle of the New Forest.

No going back now!

So glad I didn’t chicken out, at the time of entering the competition I lost 4stone in weight now it’s almost 5 stone in weight, 9 pounds to target with slimming world. However the mirror and I aren’t friends and I’m always behind the camera not in front! I don’t see what people see or say when they call me skinny, dinky, tiny and beautiful.

In fact my boyfriend Andrew said that I’m the person the one direction song is about, “what’s make you beautiful, is that you don’t know you’re beautiful, that’s what makes you beautiful. Baby you light up my world like nobody else.”

After viewing my photo’s yesterday I can see it. I couldn’t believe that was me and kept saying WOW, I want to show the world that this is me. I’m so happy that I had it done, now I want to buy a full size mirror for my bedroom so that I can see me.

The make up lady was so lovely, so was the photographer who put me at ease. The make up lady stayed with me during the shoot as well as my sister, I had to confess during the shoot I had forgotten to smile. All the ladies at rare moments were lovely and they even got me a diet coke to drink during my viewing.

I’m so looking forward to collecting my prints and displaying them on the wall. I recommend this to anyone, more so if you like me have body issues, I don’t think it will fully go away, but at least I can look at my beautiful photos of me and think “that’s me, I’m beautiful and sexy!”

I may have waffled a tad, but just wanted to share my happiness, hopes and highs.

You may never fully know what this has done for me, never in a millions years did I think I do a photo shoot let alone a boudoir shoot.
Once again, many thanks x”

Kay kindly shared some images with us too, and said we could show you them her lovely message.

Lovely Kay before:



This is Kay and her stunning boudoir transformation…

Johanna Elizabeth

Thank you again Kay ‘Miss Slinky’ Kendall for being so fabulous!!!

Johanna Elizabeth

Johanna Elizabeth

Kay took the leap and looks phenomenal in her boudoir transformation. Do you want to try out boudoir services? Get in touch today and experience a boudoir photoshoot with our all-female team.

Much love,
Jo & Team


2 thoughts on “Kay inspires with foxy boudoir transformation!

  1. – I love the composition and framing of each shot! But I think 4th one down and the black and white one are my faves! Seriously amazing work keep it up, hot stuff!

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