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Over the last year, I’ve really enjoyed photography mentoring and passing on my, now many, years of boudoir shooting experience and business knowledge.

You can find out more about what I do here!

Portrait retreat in Italy

I’m blessed to have such a close friend in Sarah Ferrara and this year, we created and ran the ‘Lake Garda Portrait Retreat’ at her home in Italy. (Ok, next door in her hubby Enzo’s luxury rental villa.)

With incredible home-cooked Italian food (Enzo – you star) support from the lovely Saloua, an insane location and THE best team of makeup artists and models, how could it  NOT be anything other than awesome?

Zooming around Italy, we shot in Milan, Isola del Garda and the streets of Salo.

Retouching and print for competition/creative with the insanely talented Sarah and marketing training was given and my favourite moment, sharing my boudoir knowledge in the most insane hotel on the lakeside.

A huge success!

I can proudly report that the retreat was a HUGE success and this was down to the 5 beautiful souls who travelled from around the globe to join us. Thank you Brady & Ken, Kim, Doris and Christina.

We even squeezed in a trip to our friends at Graphistudio so our photographers could tour and witness the best print ON the planet.

I had to grab some shots of my own – it’s got me wanting to revamp the studio!

Here’s to 2019!
Love Jo x

Ps. Thank you to Kim for the BTS shots – big love! x

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